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Player goes viral after pranking scalper selling PlayStation 5 for $1200

Published: 28/Nov/2020 1:22

by Tanner Pierce


If you are one of the players mad at the people scalping PS5’s for a steep profit, you may be comforted by the fact that one fan has seemingly duped a scalper in a hilarious fashion while he was trying to sell one over in Scotland.

It’s no secret that over the past few weeks fans have been unable to get their hands on a PS5.

While this is partially due to Sony seemingly failing to produce enough supply to meet demand, another unfortunate aspect of this unavailability is scalpers. People will buy up the consoles and then sell them at a higher price because they know people want it.


These scalpers are obviously annoying considering it just means you have to put up a ton of cash if you want one and since you can’t find many at stores, it’s the easiest way to get your hands on one.

Now, one fan has seemingly gotten revenge on a scalper in a very simple but hilarious way.

Reddit, u/sean_mca1
One person sent someone who was trying to sell a PS5 for around $1.2K to a comedy club.

According to a Reddit post with almost 25,000 upvotes, one person responded to an ad for someone selling a PS5 for £950 ($1,200 USD) in Glasgow, Scotland and told him to go an address in order to meet-up.

The address, it turns out, was for a comedy club which he then told the scalper to go into for a job since he thought he could sell the console for such a ridiculous price.


Deserved? from ScottishPeopleTwitter

The whole conversation is very clearly a variant of the original meme from a few years back, where one person asks for a Macbook that someone is selling for $200 and is told to go to a comedy club because that was a “joke.”

Despite it’s unoriginality, it’s still hilarious that it happened in general, especially with these scalpers on the rise.

Not being able to buy the console you wanted stinks, so it’s not hard to understand if it was satisfying to screw over the scalper like that. Here’s hoping these scalpers go away in the near future.