Pikmin Bloom player rescues gift Pikmin during transpacific flight

Pikmin Bloom gift Pikmin@serinide / Twitter

A Pikmin Bloom player made an attempt to rescue her gift Pikmin mid-way through a transpacific flight and actually succeeded.

Pikmin Bloom, an augmented reality mobile game similar to Pokemon Go, just celebrated its one-year-and-a-half anniversary by hosting a special event that brought a variety of colorful flowers to the game. Each player’s real-world movements are rewarded with unique items for their Pikmin creatures while playing.

It is not difficult to see the appeal of a Pokemon Go-style game involving adorable Pikmin creatures, but such games can also get tedious after a while. When this happens, fans look for ways to challenge themselves and spice up the gameplay.

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One player did just that after sending her Pikmin on a mission to pick up gifts. After traveling, she decided to let the Pikmin go across the ocean and then planned on picking him up later on while in mid-flight. And many spectators waited with bated breath to see if she could pull off such a clutch moment.

Pikmin Bloom player rescues gift Pikmin while flying

Taking to Twitter to post her plans, the Pikmin Bloom player stated that she was going to send one of her Pikmin creatures on a mission. She had traveled to Korea all the way from California and had then sent the Pikmin to Los Angeles.

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The poor little Pikmin had still been making his way, returning from the long trip with the gifts he had picked up. Reb, the player in question, stated that she would attempt to rescue him while flying back to California. This would mean she’d have to attempt a retrieval while flying over the Pacific Ocean to get her Pikmin back.

The player returned to Twitter just a day later after saying she would attempt the rescue, confirming that she had, in fact, succeeded! She managed to collect her well-traveled Pikmin while crossing the ocean via airplane.

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Other players went wild, commending the poster on her achievement and expressing their joy over the rescued Pikmin. Many commented that they had been waiting for the update all day, welcoming the Pikmin back as he dramatically returned to his owner after traveling so far.

This silly feat only goes to show that the Pikmin creatures are serious little troopers, and you can expect their full dedication to finding gifts for you in Pikmin Bloom.

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