Old School RuneScape: All pets and how to get them in OSRS

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Pets are an important part of Old School RuneScape and obtaining some of them can be extremely difficult. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Pets in OSRS.

Despite being non-combat NPCs in OSRS, pets are pretty fun when it comes to following your in-game character across the world. However, obtaining pets and insuring them can be a little confusing unless you know what you have to do.

Acquiring pets in the game is more a sign of prestige that you have managed to defeat certain bosses. Given that specific pets are dropped from bosses, setting them as your follower is a nifty way to show off the recent boss you defeated. Let’s dive in and check out everything there is to know about pets in OSRS.

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There are various pets for you to choose from in Old School RuneScape

How to get pets in OSRS

There are three possible methods of getting pets in the game. However, each specific method has the chance of rewarding you with a different pet.

Therefore, it is very important for you to know which pets can be obtained by which method. The three methods available for getting pets in OSRS are:

  • Defeating specific bosses
  • Upgrading your skills or unlocking specific achievements
  • Monster drops and pet drops

Having said that, let’s check out all the pets in OSRS as well as how you can get each of them.

All pets in OSRS

Boss pets

These pets can be unlocked by defeating specific bosses in the game. Here’s a table listing all of them along with the bosses who drop them:

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Pet Dropped by
Abyssal Orphan Use an unsired on the Font of Consumption
Baby Mole Giant Mole
Callisto Cub Callisto
Hellpuppy Cerberus
Ikkle hydra Alchemical Hydra
Jai-nib-rek TzKal-Zuk
Kalphite Princess Kalphite Queen
Lil’zik Theatre of Blood
Little Nightmare The Nightmare
Nexling Nex
Noon Grotesque Guardians
Olmlet Great Olm
Pet Chaos Elemental Chaos Elemental and Chaos Fanatic
Pet Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Prime
Pet Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Rex
Pet Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth Supreme
Pet Dark Core Corporeal Beast
Pet General Graardor General Graardor
Pet K’ril Tsutsaroth K’ril Tsutsaroth
Pet Kraken Kraken
Pet Kree’arra Kree’arra
Pet Smoke Devil Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
Pet Snakeling Zulrah
Pet Zilyana Commander Zilyana
Prince Black Dragon King Black Dragon
Scorpia’s Offspring Scorpia
Skotos Skotizo
Sraracha Sarachnis
Tzrek-jad Tztok-Jad
Venenatis Spiderling Venenatis
Vet’ion Jr. Vet’ion
Vorki Vorkath

Skilling Pets

These pets can be claimed by performing specific tasks that upgrade your in-game character’s skills. The list of pets along with the skills you need to upgrade for them are:

Pet The activity required to unlock
Baby Chinchompa Hunting Chinchompas
Beaver Woodcutting
Giant Squirrel Agility training
Heron Fishing
Rift Guardian Runecraft
Rock Golem Mining
Rocky Thieving
Tangleroot Farming

Other Pets

The pets listed below can only be obtained by either completing specific quests or by specific other means.

Pet How to unlock
Eek 2018 Halloween event
Bloodhound Master Clue Scrolls quest
Cat Gertrude’s Cat quest
Chompy Chick Elite Western Provinces Diary quest
Hellcat Catch Hell-Rats with a normal cat
Herbi Hunt herbiboars
Lil’creator Spoils of War
Pet Fish Catch in Harry’s Fishing Shop
Pet Penance Queen High-tier gambles in Barbarian Assault
Pet rock The Fremennik Trials quest
Phoenix Supply Crates from the Wintertodt quest
Tiny Tempor Tempoross quest
Toy Cat Crafted on a crafting table level 4 with clockwork and regular plank
Younglief The Gauntlet
Smolcano Zalcano
pets in osrsJagex
Make sure to choose which pets you want to unlock and prepare accordingly.

How to insure your pet’s life in OSRS

It is very important for you to insure your pet’s life. This is because, unless your pet is insured, you will lose any active followers or pets that are in your inventory whenever you die in OSRS. However, if your pet is insured or protected on death, you will be able to reclaim your lost pet for a sum of 1,000,000 coins from Probita.

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Nevertheless, you can only reclaim a lost pet if they were insured from before. In order to insure your pet’s survival, head over to Probita and pay her a sum of 500,000 coins to ensure that you can reclaim your pet even if you die in the field of battle.

What is the role of pets in OSRS?

Most pets that are featured in OSRS are purely for the sake of visual pleasure. Although most pets are designed with the same mechanic, some of them do feature unique traits that can inherently serve as perks in various scenarios. For example, the Nexling has a much faster walking pace in comparison to other pets in the game.

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So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about pets in Old School RuneScape.

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