Old School RuneScape Wintertodt guide: Requirements & how to use it in OSRS

Old school Runescape gameplayJagex

Old School RuneScape has an exceptionally small number of firemaking methods, but subduing the Wintertodt is, without question, the best way to go about it.

Runescape continuing its lifespan to now, more than twenty years since its release, is a point that few (including its creators) thought it would get to. In divergence to what the game has become, Old School Runescape (OSRS) is maintained and updated alongside the modern version and frequently receives just as much, if not more, love from its player base.

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OSRS provides a unique feeling of nostalgia that only a medieval clicking simulator can deliver.

However, in a game designed to never be completed, there have been some major changes to skills throughout the years. And if the sound of lighting tens of thousands of logs doesn’t appeal to you, we’ve got you covered with the most efficient way to max your Firemaking.


Runescape gameplayJagex
Subduing the Wintertodt is essential for players trying to turn a profit with Firemaking.

What are the Wintertodt requirements in OSRS?

Utilizing all facets of the Wintertodt boss fight is a great way of maximizing your points gained for rewards by completing the boss solo.

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When in a group it is less essential to have all of these aspects, but if you’re looking for free and easy ways to gain XP in Herblore or Construction these are the requirements for Wintertodt’s full usage:

  • Start ‘X Marks the Spot’ quest to gain access to Zeah
  • Level 50 Firemaking is necessary to participate in the Wintertodt boss fight.
  • Completing the Druidic Ritual quest to pick bruma herbs, which are used to create rejuvenation potions.
  • To gain Construction experience from repairing broken braziers you’ll need a player-owned house.

You’ll need a Tinderbox, and Axe at minimum when heading through the Doors of Dinh. Bringing Food to the Wintertodt is also essential, as you will take constant damage from the frosty fiend the entire time you’re within the boss arena.

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It’s also recommended to bring a Hammer if you’re seeking to repair the broken braziers for Construction XP. If you’re looking to get some sneaky Fletching XP you’ll also need to bring a Knife to fashion logs into kindling.

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How to get to Wintertodt in OSRS

Before you start the early-game OSRS pilgrimage to the Wintertodt, you need to decide if you’ll be doing it solo or in a group. If looking for the easiest way to learn, the official world for Wintertodt is World 309, and is always full of players.

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There are three main methods to quickly reach the Wintertodt.

  • You’re always able to walk from any of the ports on Great Kourend. This is by far the slowest method.
  • Once you’ve used Veos’ ship to visit Kourend once the Games Necklace will teleport you directly to the Wintertodt Camp
  • After unlocking the fairy ring in Arceuss, players can also use the fairy ring code cis (after paying 80,000 coins to Trossa) and walk west, then north, along the path.

Wintertodt DirectionsJagex
How to get to the Wintertodt

How to subdue the Wintertodt in OSRS

It takes a little getting used to at first and conquering your fear of the cold. But settling into the Wintertodt boss battle, particularly with a group, is an absolute doddle.  Follow the instructions below and you’ll do fine:

  • Light the braziers
  • Chop Bruma roots (optional: fletch  them into kindling for extra points)
  • Feed the logs/kindling into the braziers to weaken the Wintertodt
  • If the Pyromancers fall, make rejuvenation potions by picking bruma roots. Use the potions on the pyromancers to revive them.
  • Eat when health is low
  • Repeat until the Wintertodt is subdued
  • Return to the bank in the Wintertodt camp to restock, do it all again

Experience per hour

This is a brilliant chance for OSRS players to level up an otherwise frustrating skill and gather resources in a multitude of skills at the same time.

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As the amount of XP gained is based upon your current Firemaking level,  here’s a handy guide for the experience rates you can expect:

  • Level 50 ~ 161k EXP per hour
  • Level 60 ~ 193k EXP per hour
  • Level 70 ~ 226k EXP per hour
  • Level 80 ~ 258kEXP per hour
  • Level 90 ~ 290k EXP per hour
  • Level 99 ~ 320k EXP per hour

And that’s all there is to subduing the Wintertodt in Old School Runescape. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our other guides:

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