What is the max level in Runescape?

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Runescape has a max level no matter which version of Jagex’s MMORPG you play. With so many skills to hone and places to explore it can be overwhelming, so here’s all you need to know about the max level in Runescape. 

Runescape has existed since 2001, evolving and adding exciting features along the way. However, one thing for sure is that players continue to reach the max level, as they create multiple accounts to start fresh adventures.

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You might be interested in starting a new journey or hitting the cap on your current account, either way, there’s a long road ahead.


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Runescape is available to play for free or via paid membership too.

What is the max level in Runescape?

Both Runescape and OSRS (Old School Runescape) have level caps that you can reach, which are comprised of individual skill levels. Despite the two games sharing a lot of gameplay similarities, the level cap between is actually a little bit different for free and paid membership accounts.

For free Runescape accounts, the max level is 1750. For Runescape players who have opted to pay for a membership scheme, the max level is increased to 2772. It’s an incredibly lengthy path to hit the max level cap so don’t worry about blasting through Runescape’s expansive experience at once. Hitting the max level cap requires all individual skill levels to be maxed out at level 99.

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In regards to Old School Runescape the free account max level cap is 1395. Players with a membership for Old School Runescape will be able to jump up to level 1782.

Can you earn XP after hitting the level cap?

If you’ve managed to reach the max level cap already or have considered putting in the graft to get there, then don’t worry about your XP stopping. Even after you’ve hit the highest level in both versions of Runescape, you’ll still build up XP as you continue to play the game as normal.

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Getting to the max level will enable you to acquire the Max Cape too, which is definitely worth showing off to your teammates and rivals alike.

And that’s all there is to know when it comes leveling up in Runescape. Keep the adventure going with our other guides:

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