How to get a free Freighter in No Man’s Sky

Nick Farrell
no man sky freighter

No Man’s Sky post-launch content has proven to be some of the best in gaming, and the additions of Freighter have become a popular one among players. Here’s what you need to know to get your hands on one! 

Hello Games had large ambitions for No Man’s Sky when it was originally released back in 2016. At first, the game wasn’t up to a lot of players’ expectations, but the devs have since managed to consistently update the title – bringing the game to a stable place now with a healthy player base.

With numerous additions in the last five or so years, Freighter’s have been one of the most sought out aircraft within the game, and there’s a few ways you can go about snagging one for your inventory.

We’re going to run over some tips when it comes to obtaining one of these Freighters!

Freighters are a key part of the trading component of No Man’s Sky!

What are Freighters in No Man’s Sky?

Essentially, these types of aircraft are large cargo ships that’s responsible for moving materials from one location to the other. But, more often than not, they’re owned by players rather than NPCs, so it’s worth your trouble to obtain one.

Players will have the option to attack one of these Freighters when they spot one within the galaxy, but they’re usually protected by some turrets and other aircraft. However, if you’re successful in these Freighter raids, you’ll be able to ransack some resources needed for your character.

How to get a free Freighter in No Man’s Sky

S tier Freighter
These ships are massive compared to other variants.

While there’s options to go and purchase a Freighter from a vendor, they’re rather expensive, and you may not have enough cash on hand to get one right away.

However, players have discovered a way to obtain one of these ships for completely free, so you don’t have to go about saving enough money to purchase one.

We’re going to run over how to do this down below.

  1. Wait around within the galaxy until you hear a call for help from a Freighter that’s being invaded by enemy forces
  2. Come to the rescue of the endangered Freighter, eliminating all opponents
  3. After doing this, you’ll be asked to come on board the Freighter to speak to the commander
  4. Because you saved them from an invasion, they’ll offer you the Freighter for free as a thank you

While it’s a random occurrence into when this cry for help will come, it should eventually happen and you’ll have yourself a free Freighter!