No Man’s Sky devs announce Light No Fire as “first real open-world” at The Game Awards 2023

Eleni Thomas
Light No Fire copy

The team behind No Man’s Sky has unveiled their next big game, with Light No Fire set to take players back to earth with a whole new experience for players.

Arguably one of the biggest games of the past decade is No Man’s Sky. While the dev team found them at the center of major backlash when it first launched due to the game being largely incomplete, almost a decade down the track and No Man’s Sky is now more fully realized and more popular than ever.

However, at The Game Awards 2023, Hello Games unveiled their next title, with an announcement trailer dropping during the ceremony. The game in question is a multiplayer experience, one that takes place on a different-looking version of Earth.

The very first trailer for Light No Fire can be viewed here.

While their first title took fans to the sky, this new game will bring things back to the land. With new creatures, flying, riding, and more for players to explore the expansive land with.

However, this is not the Earth that we know and live on. Throughout the wolrd of Light No Fire, various creatures can be seen, with new life and massive landscapes to explore.

Fans of No Man’s Sky can also rest easy knowing that this will be an open-world experience. However, Hello Games are yet to confirm a release window or even a year for this new game.

As well as developing a new title, the dev team did confirm that they continue to support No Man’s Sky going forward.

As well as the trailer, the devs confirmed they have been working on this game for “the last five years” and promised that it is “something more ambitious” than No Man’s Sky.

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