No Man’s Sky: How to save (2021)

Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is incredibly vast, and while it can be easy to get sucked in you’ll want to take a break, so here’s how to save.

Of all of the games currently evolving month after month, No Man’s Sky might be the most special. From fairly humble beginnings and a controversial launch, developer Hello Games has refined aspects of the core gameplay, bolted on new systems, and expanded the huge universe it has created.

That means plenty of in-game systems have changed, too, including saving your game. There are now a few ways to do it, and this guide should ensure you can come back to your ship or base and find everything just as you left it.

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How to save in No Man's SkyHello Games
Knowing how to save is crucial in a universe as unpredictable as No Man’s Sky’s.

No Man’s Sky: Auto-Saving

By far the easiest way to save your game, you can auto-save just by reaching your ship. Hop in, then hop out, and you’ll create a new save point.

No Man’s Sky: Using a Save Point

In something a little different, No Man’s Sky allows players to craft a save point. You’ll need the following materials:

  • 2 x Metal Plating
  • 1 x Di-Hydrogen Jelly

If you have them, open the “Portable” category of your quick-build menu and select Save Point. Craft it, then place it somewhere so you can interact with it.

No Man’s Sky: Using a beacon

While beacons are often used for mapping an area, they also save your game. Just interact with one when you find it.

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You’ll usually find them near large buildings and landing pads, so if there’s a fairly built-up area you’re likely to find one there.