Nintendo Switch finally adds highly-requested feature

Sam Smith
New Switch

Nintendo has finally added Bluetooth audio support to the Switch in the console’s latest update. Here’s everything we know.

The Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 and raised several eyebrows when it didn’t support Bluetooth. Those who play primarily in portable mode needed to physically plug headphones in rather than connect wirelessly. While not a huge hassle, it was surprising to many.

Wired headphones were becoming increasingly outdated even then. In fact, some fans felt that the Nintendo 3DS should have supported Bluetooth. Even its competitor, Sony’s PlayStation Vita offered wireless audio functionality. This made it even more bizarre when the much newer Switch did not.

New Nintendo Switch Bluetooth update details

The Nintendo Switch’s latest update finally allows the console to connect to wireless audio devices like headphones or earbuds. Better yet, the system allows two separate devices to be connected; however, only one can be used at a time. But this will enable players to have their earbuds and big comfy headphones paired simultaneously, allowing them to swap devices anytime they wish.

There are some caveats though; the Bluetooth functionality is only for audio output. It cannot connect to mics or other devices. It’s simply designed to funnel sound out of a separate speaker.

It also doesn’t work when the console is using a local connection. Therefore, those playing with other Switch owners in the vicinity won’t be able to use Bluetooth at the same time. However, when playing online with other players elsewhere, this feature works just fine.

It’s strange that it took Nintendo so many years to add what many believe is quite a basic offering, by today’s standards at least. But those waiting for Nintendo to add Bluetooth functionality to the Switch can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Fewer wires are always a good thing.