Leaker shares update on September Nintendo Direct status: Smash, Pokemon, more

Metroid Nintendo DirectNintendo

With rumors that a September Nintendo Direct is imminent, a notable leaker with inside information has revealed some new details about the showcase, including what games to expect, such as Smash and Zelda.

Nintendo Directs are presentations where the Japanese video game juggernaut announces new games, DLC, shows off new trailers for existing titles, and much more.

The last time Nintendo had a large-scale presentation was back at E3 in June, and fans have been eager for another, especially with the Christmas season approaching.

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Now, insider ‘SamusHunter’ has spoken about the possibility of a Direct, walking back their earlier belief that one would happen the week of September 12, instead suggesting it might be later in the month or beyond.

Key art from Metroid Dread showing Samus looking at the camera with enemies behind her.Nintendo
Metroid Dread launches in October.

Is a Nintendo Direct coming in September?

“Nintendo is banking heavily on September, partly for commercial reasons such as closing out the quarter,” they stated. “Third-party titles had several announcements planned for this month, as well as release dates, I had already listed several of them at the beginning of the month.”

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Additionally, SamusHunter pointed to Metroid Dread and the final marketing push for the Nintendo Switch OLED as clues that a September Direct is happening.

However, they went on to point out: “There are some Japanese holidays next week, so I don’t rule out that they might air it anyway. The next one after that instead will be TGS.”

Smash, Zelda & Aninal Crossing DLC coming soon

SamusHunter also pointed out that they expect Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Legends news on a monthly basis.

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Perhaps the biggest sign for an October Direct is that they state Smash’s final DLC fighter could be arriving in October, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity DLC is November, and Animal Crossing has content, as well.

“It is possible that Nintendo is also waiting to have firm dates for the first 3 months of the year, in Japan some countries are back in a state of emergency and the situation may cause delays. Some agreements with third parties are unlikely to be broken though,” the leaker concluded, but promised to look more into things and reach out to sources.

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As always, take all these comments with a grain of salt, but it seems like a Nintendo Direct could be coming at some point in September or October – and if SamusHunter’s original prediction holds true, it could be imminent.

Nintendo DLC Nintendo
Who will the final Smash DLC fighter be?

Hopefully, we don’t have much longer to wait and Nintendo can surprise us with some big games in the weeks or even days ahead.

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