NICKMERCS & ImperialHal clash over Apex Legends scrims: “Sick of this sh*t”

ImperialHal NICKMERCS Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/TSM/NICKMERCS

Apex Legends pro ImperialHal accused NICMERCS of playing unnaturally during an ALGS scrims match, and Nick clapped back with authority.

ImperialHal and NICKMERCS are both extremely passionate about what they do, leading to heated arguments in the past. Hal has been critical of Nick’s commitment to professional Apex ever since he transitioned from being a full-time streamer.

The TSM mainstay called out Nick for playing Warzone 2 over Apex and even labeled him the “weak link” of his ALGS team. Both competitors ultimately respect each other, but that doesn’t prevent the occasional fireworks show in the heat of the moment.

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In the latest chapter of an ongoing saga, the firey duo sounded off over a controversial play during an ALGS scrims match.

ImperialHal and NICKMERCS feud over ALGS scrims match

ALGS teams practice by hosting private matches with one another. Only a few game days remain in ALGS Split 2, so every team wants to be at its best to secure a playoff berth.

During a private match, NICKMERCS’ team engaged in a gunfight with TSM, and both teams lost after a battle between multiple teams. Nick’s stream chat alerted him that Hal was talking about him negatively.

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“Hal does good in scrims, the scrims are great, Hal gets killed, the scrims are bad”, Nick claimed. “We are practicing the way we want to play. What the fu** is he doing.” 

Nick joined a discord call with Hal and asked “What are you bitc*ing about.”

Hal responded: “You see that the zone is north, so why would you go south when there are four or five teams?”

The MFAM leader didn’t back down, arguing: “In our defense, we didn’t think you would be there. You can talk all the sh*t you want.”

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He added: “If anyone is trolling, it’s you because, guess what, you were doing some sh*t that you would never do on game day.”

In the end, both pros laughed everything off and called it a night.

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