Oscar Isaac still “hopeful” for Metal Gear Solid movie

metal gear solid movieWalt Disney Co., Konami

While the Metal Gear Solid movie hasn’t received an update for a long time, actor Oscar Isaac remains hopeful the project will come to fruition.

In late 2020, Sony Pictures announced plans to produce a Metal Gear Solid film, with Oscar Isaac on board to star as Solid Snake.

The scarce details shared by the movie studio included news that Kong: Skull Island director, and longtime MGS fan, Jordan Vogt-Roberts had signed on to direct.

In the nearly two years since then, no other concrete pieces of information have surfaced about the live-action adaptation. But one person, in particular, isn’t ready to give up on the project’s prospects.

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Oscar Isaac offers update on Metal Gear Solid movie (kind of)

During a Comicbook.com interview for his new graphic novel, Head Wounds: Sparrow, Oscar Isaac spoke briefly about the Metal Gear film.

The minor update suggests shooting for the movie isn’t scheduled to begin anytime soon. At the very least, MGS faithful can rest assured that Isaac’s interest has yet to waver. He told the publication the following:

“We want it to happen. Be excited. What’s the script? What’s the story? What’s the take? […] But [I’m] hopeful that comes to fruition because there’s so much potential for that. It’s an incredible game. It’s my favorite.”

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Oscar Isaac in Dune (2021)

At present, there’s no official word on the status of Sony Pictures’ Metal Gear Solid movie. It’s also unclear if those originally attached to the creative team remain in play.

The December 2020 announcement noted that Derek Connolly, who penned the Skull Island screenplay, would write the MGS script. Meanwhile, Sony Pictures veteran Avi Arad had joined to produce at the time.

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Of course, the Metal Gear movie isn’t the only aspect of the beloved franchise that remains shrouded in mystery. Fans continue to hold out hope for a Metal Gear Solid remake, though Konami remains mum about ongoing rumors.