Man goes viral for selling wife’s Harvest Moon collection: “It’s infidelity prevention”

Man goes viral for selling wife's Harvest Moon game collectionReddit: CVegaOrtega / Victor Interactive Software

A Reddit post has gone viral on social media after a man sold his wife’s Harvest Moon Nintendo collection, claiming he’s uncomfortable with “virtual men.”

The life-sim genre is insanely popular due to its chill, relaxing gameplay style and, in games like Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons, being able to date and marry characters.

One man has caused a ruckus online after claiming to have sold his wife’s Harvest Moon collection for this reason. He says it’s “infidelity prevention” due to them including a romance mechanic he’s not comfortable with.

Harvest Moon Reddit post goes viral

In a now-deleted Reddit post shared on Twitter by @ellle_em, the newlywed husband asked the AmITheA**hole forum for advice after getting rid of his wife’s Harvest Moon collection while she was at work.

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“I intend on us being a committed couple,” he wrote. “I tolerated her love of farming simulation games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, but now that we’re married, I expect her to commit to me alone and not these virtual husbands.”

The user claimed that he’d sold his partner’s Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance games on eBay. “I’m also going to sit down and make her uninstall Stardew Valley,” he said.

As for why the husband allegedly did this to his wife? “You don’t see me buying body pillows of scantily-clad anime girls or simping over fictional women, and I expect her not to do the same for fictional men,” he said, before later explaining, “This is about infidelity prevention.”

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Before the post was deleted, and after it made its way onto Twitter, obviously the internet had a field day with it. “Oh, look a neckbeard in the wild trying to live his pathetic excuse of a fantasy. How sad…” one person responded. “This marriage is doomed,” said another.

Others questioned the validity of the thread but claimed he was indeed the a-hole either way: “If this is real and you’re that insecure, then you need some therapy.”

While the post could indeed be a well-thought-out troll, one thing is clear from the scathing response it got: don’t mess with gamers and their virtual romances.

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And let’s be real here, Stardew Valley does have some beautiful potential suitors. *chef’s kiss*