Macabre preview: An ambitious horror extraction with a bloody twist

Liam Ho
Screen grab from Macabre

Multiplayer horror extraction title Macabre is a promising new game from Australian developers Weforge Studio, which intends to change the way we see the mega-popular genre.

The upcoming indie promises an adventure into the mysterious Rift, complete with a creature of nightmares that is ready to hunt you and your pals down.

Dexerto was able to get a hands-on preview of the title recently, and we’ve been left wanting more of the frantic rush.

What is Macabre? Hands-on with new extraction title

Macabre has players to drop into a zone, collect resources, and craft items, all in an effort to eventually extract out, whether it be with their teammates or not. These goals can be achieved through various strategies, such as distractions, stuns, or even sacrificing your own teammates — meaning you never quite know who you can trust.

This immediately brings a new spin on the multiplayer extraction genre, which generally involves working together to get out safely. The devs explained how titles like Escape from Tarkov lent a hand when it came to bringing out this new spin.

It is clear the devs are gamers, in having drawn inspiration from other titles whilst building Macabre. And their game has a lot of potential too, with there being nearly endless possibilities each time you hop into the Rift. Do you betray your friends to grab the loot? Do you work together to dismantle the Macabre’s plan? There are plenty of options and ways to play, keeping you on your toes at all times.

When speaking with Creative Director Jay Topping, he detailed how closely the team worked with the community, creating a game that everyone could enjoy. This includes things like voting for new locations and much more.

With Macabre still in a somewhat early state, the devs have a long way to go in terms of realizing a final build. But with clear ideas and a heap of potential, Macabre strives to shake up the genre as a whole, creating a new sandbox for horror-loving fans to play in.

Macabre is currently available to support on Kickstarter, being developed for PC with a target release of 2025.