5 Best multiplayer horror games to play in 2023

best multiplayer horror gamesTurtle Rock Studios

Scary games are often best played solo, but they can also be fun when played alongside friends. Here are some of the best multiplayer horror games on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

While most horror titles, especially survival horror games, are designed to be played alone – and in the dark, while you huddle behind you’re controller in terror, many gamers enjoy some co-op or competitive spookiness. So, while we’ve already gathered a list of some of the scariest horror games you can play alone, we’ll now examine some of the best multiplayer horror games you can play with friends.

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The below games can be enjoyed as single-player horror adventures in many cases, but some are designed to be played with others or have features where multiplayer actually enhances the experience.

The Quarry

The QuarrySupermassive Games
The Quarry is a love letter to 80s horror movies.

The Quarry is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn and also features a group of teens about to have a very rough night. This unfortunate group decides to spend one final night at summer camp before something starts picking them off in the darkness – and brutally.

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The game is a narrative adventure where different players can control different characters to guide the story in different directions, leading to various endings. One player may be adept at guiding a character to safety, whereas others may accidentally lead them to a gruesome death.

While the outcome of the game can be more easily controlled when played solo, its unpredictability is what makes it so much fun as a multiplayer horror game.

Back 4 Blood

back 4 blood Turtle Rock Studios
Back 4 Blood was a dream come true for Left 4 Dead fans.

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series of online zombie games and shares many ideas with that multiplayer horror game series. Four players can team up to work through the campaign blasting zombies and working together as they progress. Each character offers unique perks and attributes that aid the team in battle.

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Those who enjoyed Left 4 Dead will adore Back 4 Blood and the title hasn’t strayed far from the original concept, offering a fully next-gen iteration of that classic arcade zombie blasting formula. It can actually be pretty scary and atmospheric in parts too.

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt showdown coverCrytek
Hunt: Showdown is a riot, but trust nobody.

While Hunt: Showdown may not be the scariest game on our list, it’s by far the zaniest. Imagine Destiny if it was a horror game and every player was out for themselves. You’re out there to hunt and shoot monsters, however, they won’t go down easy.

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Also, other players can swoop in and steal your kill at any time, if you get in their way, then you’re looking at an intense battle to the death. The maps within the game feature an ample amount of gloom, but there are also a lot of weapons for players to experiment with.

You can team up with other players, but watch your back – this whole game wants you dead.


PhasmophobiaKinetic Games
Phasmophobia offers VR for players looking to get a real fright.

Phasmophobia reminds us of Konami’s PT, but with friends. However, having friends with you doesn’t make this ghostly game any less terrifying. The premise is that you and three friends venture into a haunted house, where you’ll be tasked with finding out what type of ghost is living inside.

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This is when the horror begins. You’ll need to explore, examine clues, and try to survive the malevolent spirits that haunt your every step. Some of them don’t want you to solve the mystery and are happy for you to join their ranks.

Dead by Daylight

DBDBehaviour Interactive
Dead by Daylight is known for incredible crossovers such as ones with Resident Evil.

Dead by Daylight is the gift that keeps on giving for horror fans and has turned into one of the best multiplayer horror games ever made. The premise is essentially one big game of hide and seek, but one of you is a powerful supernatural killer, and the rest of the players are lambs to the slaughter.

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The killer needs to hunt their prey using a range of fun but nasty abilities, while the others need to run, hide and pray they’ll survive the round. The game is constantly evolving and adding more content from classic horror franchises and can be absolutely thrilling at times.

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