Judas: Bioshock creators’ new game – Trailer, gameplay & everything we know

JudasGhost Story Games

Judas is the next game from BioShock creator Ken Levine, here’s everything we know about this new shooter all in one place.

If you’re longing to play something similar to BioShock then rejoice, Ken Levine is working on a new game. Judas was revealed at the 2022 Game Awards and while the game looks very different from the underwater horror franchise, there’s definitely some BioShock DNA in there.

Like Levine’s former work, Judas is a “single-player, narrative first-person shooter” and while colorful, the game’s first trailer shows off some wonderfully dark and violent themes. This time the action is set in space on a failing spaceship where the inhabitants are starting to all go mad. The player will need to make and break alliances with different characters and factions to stay alive.

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judas powersGhost Story Games
The powers reminded us of Plasmids from BioShock.

Does Judas have a release date?

Not yet, but the game is scheduled to release in March 2025.

What platforms will Judas be released on?

Judas is confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and Epic Game Store.


Check out the Judas trailer below:

Gameplay and setting

Judas shares a lot of tonal similarities with BioShock in terms of design and style. Like Levine’s previous adventures, every character looks like they’d fit in well at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. The trailer shows various characters killing each other in bizarre outfits and with a twisted take on fairground rides and other troupes that feel very BioShock.

However, this first-person shooter is set in space and will be much more sci-fi-focused than previous Ken Levine games. The player also seems to have powers that reminded us of Plasmids. We imagine Judas will also have some RPG elements and tough moral choices to make.

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The trailer asks us if we’ll fix what we broke and suggests the player will need to form alliances with some characters – but may also need to betray some others. Of course, the original BioShock is known for one very shocking moment midway through the game, we wouldn’t be surprised if Levine has something equally groundbreaking planned in this new IP.

The game is designed to be “highly replayable” meaning there will likely be numerous paths to take that lead to various different endings.

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