Is Hi-Fi Rush multiplayer or co-op?

Hi-Fi Rush charactersTango Gameworks

Wondering whether Hi-Fi Rush has co-op or multiplayer? Well, our handy hub has everything you need to know about these features. 

Hi-Fi Rush was one of the biggest surprises at the Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct, with the game being released on Xbox Series X|S and PC the same day. So far, the action-based rhythm game has caught the eye of players thanks to its fluid combat and eye-catching visuals. 

While Tango Game Works’ latest title has made its way to Xbox Game Pass, many players will undoubtedly be wondering if Hi-Fi Rush has multiplayer or co-op. After all, being able to team up with a friend for some jolly cooperation makes any gaming experience that much better. 

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Fortunately, our multiplayer hub has everything you need to know about whether this cooperative functionality is supported. 

Does Hi-Fi Rush have co-op and multiplayer? 

Hi-Fi Rush gameplay screenshotTango Gameworks
Hi-Fi Rush enables you to team up with AI companions.

No, Hi-Fi Rush does not support co-op or multiplayer. Hi-Fi Rush is purely a single-player experience and only features PvE content. Players hoping to team up with friends or battle it out in multiplayer for the best scores will obviously be disappointed, but there are AI companions that you can team up with. 

In fact, Chai isn’t alone in the battle against the maniacal organization, and players can call upon his trusty allies to assist in combat, traverse the environment, disrupt enemy defenses or even pull off tag-team special moves. 

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While Hi-Fi Rush doesn’t feature multiplayer, Chai’s companions do help to make this single-player experience feel less solitary. 

So, there you have it, that’s everything we know about Hi-Fi Rush co-op and multiplayer. Make sure you check out our gaming page for all the latest news and guides on all the upcoming titles.