Is Guild Wars 2 on Steam?

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Guild Wars 2 is one of the MMORPG universe’s classic titles, but can you play it on Steam? Or do you need a separate client? Here’s everything you need to know. 

As the dust settles on Guild Wars 2’s Asian-inspired expansion, End of Dragons, players have been flocking to the emerald shores of Cantha to unearth its jade-tinted secrets.

From the adorable Jade Bots to the all-new skiffs and fishing mechanic, ArenaNet have actively tried to bring the franchise into the modern world in order to compete with the likes of Lost Ark and World of Warcraft.

Downloading the game has always required either a physical copy or the dedicated client, but as Guild Wars 2 looks to the future it seems like we’ll be able to play via Steam, too. Here’s everything we know.

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guild wars 2 character stands in canthaArenaNet
The cherry blossom-ridden streets of End of Dragons’ Cantha are absolutely glorious.

Is Guild Wars 2 on Steam?

At the time of writing no, Guild Wars 2 is not on Steam. ArenaNet have confirmed, however, that the game will be coming to the platform in the near future.

When will Guild Wars 2 be on Steam?

In a March 22 blog post, ArenaNet have confirmed that they are working on porting Guild Wars 2 over to the gaming giant.

“Now that End of Dragons is released, one of our top priorities as a studio is getting Guild Wars 2 ready for release on Steam and introducing the world of Tyria to an entirely new audience of gamers,” they state.

“You only get to launch on Steam once, and we want to make sure we do it right. Over the coming months we’ll be wrapping up work on the Steam integration, cleaning up some aspects of the early game experience, and ensuring that the game and the studio are operationally ready for a new platform launch.”

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While they clarify “we’re not ready to commit to a hard date for Steam quite yet,” the devs “hearts are set on launching this year [2022].” Whether or not this comes to fruition is yet to be seen, but we’ll keep this page updated with any further developments.

So that’s everything we know about ArenaNet’s plans to release Guild Wars 2 on Steam.

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