iiTzTimmy pulls off mindblowing Valorant ace in 4 seconds flat

Carver Fisher
iiTzTimmy mindblowing Valorant Ace

iiTzTimmy has made a name for himself on twitch because of his incredible skill with FPS games. And Timmy continues to uphold that reputation with a 4 second solo ace in Valorant.

After going from the lowest rank to the highest rank in one sitting in a 54 hour Apex Legends stream followed by doing the same challenge in Valorant, iiTzTimmy cemented himself as one of the best FPS players on Twitch.

He regularly puts out insane clips making plays most people could only dream of being able to pull off. Suffice to say, iiTzTimmy is really, really good at Valorant.

However, a Valorant play that Timmy pulled off with the Sheriff in hand is insane, even by his standards. After being walled in by Sage, Timmy had no choice but to fight. And fight he did.

6 shots. 5 kills. In 4 seconds.

Without even having to reload his weapon, Timmy managed to take out the entire enemy team. This wasn’t the initial pistol round, either. Timmy went-all in on buying a Sheriff and gambled everything on winning this round.

Despite having to outgun an entire team, including a player with a Vandal, Timmy made this ace look easy.

There are good plays, and then there are plays so great that your teammates start shouting out their socials in the background because they know that clip is going viral. It’s one thing to ace the enemy team with a Vandal on a full-buy, but it’s another entirely to ace on an eco round in the fashion Timmy did here.

As great as this play is, it’s also no surprise considering iiTzTimmy’s track record.

Timmy is so good that he’s had to go to great lengths in the past to prove he’s not cheating in the past, and he’s managed to silence the doubters every time.

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