Huge MultiVersus leak confirms Rick and Morty stage & fighter on the way

Brad Norton
Rick and Morty episode with MultiVersus logo

Although still in its Open Beta period for now, details surrounding Warner Bros. fighting game MultiVersus and its future slate of content continue to slip through the cracks. This time, Rick and Morty is in focus as the hit Adult Swim show appears set to join the game.

Following on from a Closed Alpha test back in May, MultiVersus is currently in the midst of its Beta with early access now live and the floodgates soon opening for all players on July 26.

With players now filing into the fighting game, they’re able to go hands-on with a wide range of Warner Bros. characters. From Arya Stark to Bugs Bunny and Harley Quinn, it’s a diverse roster full of iconic figures. Though even months out from a potential launch and plans for future additions continue to leak across social media.

Through the very first test on May 19, we learned of more than a dozen names datamined from the game’s files. This list covered the likes of Gandalf, Harry Potter, King Kong, and even LeBron James.

However it now appears players have confirmation on two particular names, as Rick and Morty content has now appeared online.

Rick and Morty
MultiVersus devs have developed a Rick and Morty stage with the Get Schwifty backdrop.

After both Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith appeared in the previous round of leaks, it’s now all but certain they’re a lock for MultiVersus.

New gameplay surfaced on July 20, showcasing Rick in action. Throughout the brief clip we can see his range of abilities, including a powerful blaster, a Mr. Meeseeks summon, along with a portal gun.

But not only was this our first look at his character model and unique moveset, it also revealed an upcoming Rick and Morty stage as well.

Fans of the series will recognize the larger-than-life soundstage and ominous backdrop from Season 2’s ‘Get Schwifty’ episode. Now, it serves as a battleground for Warner Bros. characters in the upcoming fighter.

Exactly when this content is set to go live remains to be seen. Given there’s still no concrete release date for MultiVersus beyond the fact it’s slated for 2022, we’ll have to wait and see.

Rick and Morty could certainly make it in time for release, or they could feature as part of the first post-launch DLC. Regardless, we’ll be sure to update you here once further details emerge.