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How to stream to Twitch from your PlayStation 5

Published: 13/Nov/2020 5:48

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


PlayStation 5 is finally here, and those lucky enough to get their hands on one can stream all the latest next-gen games on Twitch directly from their console. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

It feels like a lifetime since the Playstation 5 was first announced, but now it’s finally here and it’s lived up to the hype. A small portion of users have experienced unfortunate issues. However, most are already sinking their teeth into the impressive launch titles and PS Plus Collection titles.

However, the Playstation 5 is more than a mind-blowing gaming experience. It’s also been streamlined into a powerful multimedia device that has a sleek operating system with an intuitive interface.

Fortunately, this means it’s now easier than ever for streamers to capture and broadcast their content onto Twitch directly from the console. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Playstation 5 Stream Twitch
Sony / Twitch
Playstation 5 players can easily stream all the latest games on Twitch.

How To Stream To Twitch From Your PS5

  1. First, you need to create a twitch account if you haven’t already. We recommend you make one on a computer or smartphone to make the process easier.
  2. Then, you need to link your Twitch account to PlayStation Network. To do that, you need to follow the directions on the screen and either scan the QR code or enter the code generated for you on
  3. If you previously linked your PlayStation Network and Twitch accounts on PS4, you can migrate that connection to PS5 in the same process. However, two-factor authentication is now mandatory if you want to stream from your PS5. So, you’ll need to add that in if you haven’t already.
  4. In the middle of a game, press the create button on your controller (which used to be the share button on PS4). Then, look through the create options and select broadcast then Twitch. You can also select broadcast from your customized control center. 
  5. If you haven’t got a microphone or headset, don’t forget that you can use the one built into the DualSense controller. You can also add in a PS5 HD Camera if you have one.
  6. Next, you’ll want to enter a title for your stream, select an overlay position, and choose your desired video quality options in the capture and broadcasts section of the system menu. After that, you’re good to go!
  7. If you want to stop streaming, all you need to do is press the create button on your controller, select broadcast from the create options, and then select stop broadcasting.
  8. You can also stop broadcasting via the control center or broadcast card, which can be accessed by pressing the PlayStation button. If you want to pause it instead and take a break, you can select pause broadcast.
Playstation 5 Stream Twitch
The Playstation 5 sold out via pre-order before its launch.

It was already easy enough to stream from Playstation 4 to Twitch. But now it’s even easier on the Playstation 5 thanks to an overhaul of the user interface.

The Playstation 5 launched in most countries around the world on November 12. It’s set to launch on November 19 in Europe.


How to watch Pokemon Presents presentation on February 26 – time, stream, more

Published: 25/Feb/2021 21:54

by Brent Koepp


Game Freak has announced a special Pokemon Presents on February 26. What will be announced? The long-rumored Sinnoh Diamond & Pearl remakes? A Let’s Go sequel? Here’s how to watch the stream to find out.

As we inch closer to Pokemon Day on February 27, the stakes have never been higher for the popular Nintendo series. This year marks the franchise’s 25th anniversary, making the annual celebration an even bigger deal than usual.

Hanging over the event are the long-rumored Diamond & Pearl remakes, meaning excitement filled the air when Game Freak announced a February Pokemon Presents. Here is everything you need to know about the digital conference.

Screenshot of Pokemon Company President & CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara during Pokemon Presents.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
TPC President Ishihara during 2019 Pokemon Presents.

Pokemon Presents date & start time

Rumors about a Sinnoh remake have been swirling for so long that many fans have already accepted it as a foregone conclusion. While not confirmed, Game Freak’s surprise Pokemon Presents seems to line up with a major game reveal.

The digital event is slated for February 26, and goes live at 7:00 AM (PST) / 10:00 AM (ET) / 3:00 PM (GMT). Make sure to mark your calendars and set your alarms – depending on what region you are in, the stream will begin really early.

As for what will be revealed, it’s anyone guess. Although several leaks and rumors claim it to be a Sinnoh title. We wouldn’t rule out a Let’s Go sequel getting a mention either, although Game Freak confirmed the Presents will be 20 minutes in length – similar to Sword & Shield’s in 2019.

Screenshot of Pokemon Presents Twitter announcement.
The Pokemon Presents was announced on Twitter.

How to watch Pokemon Presents

Those wanting to catch the exciting Pokemon Presents live will need to head over to YouTube a few minutes before the times listed above. The digital conference will stream on the official Pokemon channel.

For your convenience, we’ve embedded the stream below so all you have to do is refresh the page at the time and it will load. We will also be updating this page once the conference is over to make sure the replay of the event is posted.

The Pokemon Presents holds more weight than usual, simply because it falls on the series’ 25th anniversary. Based on Game Freak’s history, it also makes sense for a remake of an older title given we are in between generations, with Gen 9 expected in 2022.

Only time will tell if the Japanese company delivers what many fans have been asking for over the last few years. However, regardless of what is announced, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a fan of the Nintendo RPG.