PlayStation 5 consoles are reportedly dying already

youtuber omni's ps5 consoleSony, Omni

Sony’s PlayStation 5 launch follows the same pattern as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S release, as players have discovered potentially worrying hardware issues – with some reportedly “dying” already.

Millions of people have finally been able to get their hands on the next technological advancement in video gaming. After a successful eighth generation with the PS4, the PS5 is expected to trump that era and further cement Sony’s dominance.

However, reports are already coming in that review consoles, and orders delivered on release day, are breaking already.

The issues cite errors in the storage and the way it unsuccessfully tries to rebuild the unit. Also, a couple of people have been able to play games initially, turned it off, and then the console is completely unresponsive later on.

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miles morales on PS5Sony
Miles isn’t the only one who doesn’t want any more problems.

YouTuber ACG’s console breaks

The most notable example that we’ve seen so far is the well-known YouTuber ACG.

He actually received a review unit from Sony and promised a variety of content for his viewers. Unfortunately, it appears that won’t be the case for the time being, after addressing the current situation regarding his PlayStation 5 console.

The YouTuber said: “It would say your storage is corrupted and we have to rebuild it. This continued to happen a great deal of times.”

He reiterated that he’s been in contact with Sony and they are working with him to try and rectify the situation.

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Other examples of PS5s breaking

Not everyone has been fortunate enough to be sent a free one from Sony and have had to fork out several hundred dollars to land themselves this much sought after console.

Some people have been able to get their PS5 to the data-rebuilding phase, but had no luck whatsoever after that.

A YouTube user by the name of Omni had been enjoying his new PS5, but after turning it off, noticed it doesn’t respond at all. The video clearly shows that everything is connected and yet the PS5 shows no signs of life.

PS5 consoles dying already isn’t something that Sony will be best pleased to see, or will have expected. Not by a long shot.

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Given that these videos are from just the first day of the console’s release, players will be hoping that there aren’t too many more problems like this in the future.