How to mod weapons and armor in Outriders

Outriders modsSquare Enix

Crafting and modding gear is incredibly important in Outriders, particularly for those that want to deal as much damage as possible. But how do you equip mods? 

The alien-infested lands of Outriders are home to some incredibly dangerous enemies and you’ll need your wits about you in order to survive. While the game’s early weapons and armor will enable you to melt your way through weaker fleshy hordes, they can lack the punch of the Outriders’ best Legendary weapons

Just like most looter shooters, Outriders features hundreds of weapon and armor mods that players can use to increase their lethality. From shots that inflict Bleed on an enemy to deadly armor-piercing, there is a huge amount of variety when it comes to creating the perfect set. 

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Whether you’re looking to pump up the damage of your weapons or in desperate need of more defense, then our handy Outriders mod guide has you covered. 

How to mod weapons and armor in Outriders

Outriders modsSquare Enix
There are plenty of mods to choose from in Outriders.

As you journey through Outriders’ brutally harsh worlds, you’ll naturally come across various weapons and armor that you can kit your avatar out with. While not every piece of armor or sci-fi gun you encounter will be powerful from the get-go, they can be improved with the use of mods. 

In order to mod your weapons and gear, simply follow the instructions outlined below: 

  1. Disassemble an item with a particular mod to unlock it.
  2. Visit Dr. Zahedi at the camp.
  3. Click the ‘I need to upgrade my gear’ option.
  4. Select the armor/weapon you want to put the mod on.
  5. Select MOD GEAR.
  6. Simply choose the mods you wish to use.
  7. Place the selected mod in either slot 1 or 2.
Outriders mod guideSquare Enix
The best Outriders mods can give you a huge edge over your enemies.

It’s important to note that only one slot can be modded, while multiple mods with the same name don’t stack. Once a mod has been placed into a weapon or armor slot, you’ll only be able to change the mod that you slotted in. 

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This means you’ll need to think carefully before you go throwing in any skills, particularly if you wish to change them at a later date. 

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about modding your weapons and armor in Outriders. Make sure you check out our Outriders hub for the latest guides and updates.