GTA Online player “paid in experience” as Cayo Perico heist gives $0

Rockstar Games

Completing heists like Cayo Perico should yield a reward worth the risk, but one GTA Online player walked away from the completed heist empty-handed.

GTA Online Heists come with a mixture of highs and lows. After smashing the $2 trillion heist challenge, every community member earned a free mystery vehicle. On the flip side of the coin, players slammed Rockstar for not helping players that lost all of their heist progress after crashing.

Rockstar has been generous in awarding players, including $500,000 for completing a simple survey or a $2 million bonus as a heist bonus. Still, one player wasn’t so fortunate after completing the Cayo Perico heist.

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GTA Online player robbed out of Cayo Perico heist payout

A Reddit user completed the Cayo Perico heist in just under 13 minutes, but it came with a catch. Hopefully, they got some internship or college credit because the user wasn’t awarded any money for completing the heist.

And to rub some more salt in the wound, Pavel still walked away with his fee for completing the mission. It’s safe to say that this player didn’t add anything to the $2 million heist challenge either with that sort of return.

One user joked, “You forgot to shut the duffle bag when you dived into the water, so…”

A second player added, “Never knew R* put in a volunteer mode for heists nowadays.”

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Everyone in the thread took turns cracking jokes, as a third person chimed in, “The real treasure was the friends you made along the way.”

Take this as a lesson in how not to complete the Cayo Perico heist unless you are just in it for some extra experience.