The First Descendant accused of copying Destiny 2 icon designs

Brianna Reeves
first descendant destiny 2

Players have noticed that Destiny 2 and The First Descendant share a surprising number of icon designs.

The First Descendant and Destiny comparisons hardly count as anything new. Those interested in the former have long made connections to the latter, and such feelings were compounded once The First Descendant launched on July 2.

But some have spotted similarities between the two that go beyond surface-level gameplay and aesthetic resemblances. Forbes‘ Paul Tassi broached the topic in a piece that calls attention to The First Descendant’s “barley-changed” icons and weapons.

Tassi noted that several in-game icons in the Nexon title resemble a number of those included in Destiny 2.

For instance, as pointed out by a Twitter/X user, the logo for Electric Transition in The First Descendant bears a lot in common with D2’s Inertia Override imagery.

The two multiplayer shooters also share at least one sniper design, with Destiny 2’s IKELOS sniper obviously inspiring the angular look of the newer game’s Different Dream rifle.

Clear inspiration aside, some argue First Descendant may have stepped a bit over the line by blatantly copying the popular Bungie shooter.

However, few in the burgeoning First Descendant community seem surprised by the so-called ripoffs, especially since they’ve also spotted glaring similarities to Warframe.

In a Reddit thread discussing the Destiny 2 comparisons, some people even called Nexon’s latest a “1:1 ripoff” of the Digital Extremes shooter.

One person wrote, “That’s not surprising given everything else is a 1:1 ripoff of Warframe as well.”

Someone else chimed in to say, “Kinda facepalmed when I saw they almost copied the Warframe modding system 1:1. Didn’t even change anything…”

Still, there are First Descendant players who think the game should borrow even more from Warframe, specifically in terms of customization.

Either way, the new free-to-play title is already enjoying great success after hitting an all-time peak on Steam of over 264,000 concurrents.