E3 2022 reportedly canceled despite efforts for digital event

Jaret Kappelman
E3 Canceled

For gaming fans around the world, E3 is considered the hottest media event for all the latest on new titles and content. But, despite efforts to keep the event running digitally, E3 2022 has reportedly been canceled.

Due to the ongoing health crisis in the world, the 2020 edition of E3 never happened, but in 2021, it was hosted online by the Entertainment Software Association.

This seemed to be the plan for E3 2022, as plans and rumors claimed it still moving forward.

However, while the event usually takes place in the middle of June, it appears that the midst of summer will be darker than usual, as reports now state that E3 2022 has been squashed.

E3 2022 fully canceled

In a tweet from Razer PR Lead Will Powers, he informed people that an email was sent out saying that the digital part of E3 has officially been canceled.

Previously, there were reports on March 10 from gaming insider Tom Henderson that claimed the event would be held fully digitally. However, industry insider Jeff Grubb said on January 16, that E3 as a whole had already been canceled.

Fast forward to March 31 and it seems that the gaming event is all but officially cancelled. Many people took to twitter to “confirm” that the E3 will not be happening, even though it seemed there were plans for a digital event.

At the time of writing, the ESA has not made an official statement confirming the cancellation of the world’s biggest gaming expo. We will update you when the ESA provides more information.