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Tattoo artist gets revenge on client for making sexist comment in viral TikTok

Published: 31/Mar/2022 20:04

by Michael Gwilliam


A tattoo artist is going viral on TikTok for adding some unwanted and potentially embarrassing ink to a client after they made a sexist comment.

No one wants to deal with sexism and especially not while on the job. For TikToker and tattoo artist Chelsie Taylor, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

According to the artist, she had a client tell her “you tattoo well for a girl” – something that didn’t sit well with her one bit.

Instead of simply kicking the client out, however, she decided to do use her skills and get revenge with a tattoo by applying something else without their knowledge.


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@nonsense_ink 🥸 #nonsenseink #tattoo #fyp #latattooartist #portrait artist #assholeclients ♬ Misery x CPR x Reeses Puffs – Cursed Mashups

TikToker adds unwanted tattoo to sexist client

In a short 5 second TikTok that has been viewed over 2.5 million times, Taylor showed off her tattoo parlor while spinning around and revealing the fate of her client.

“Now he has a hidden d**k on his arm,” the artist claimed.

While she didn’t provide any images of her handiwork, that didn’t stop some users from taking issue with her vandalizing a man’s body, even saying she could get sued for her actions.

TikToker makes sarcastic response
The tattoo artist seemed unconcerned about a lawsuit.

On person asked, “are you trying to get sued?”

“Absolutely,” Taylor replied with a laughing emoji.

Of course, it’s definitely possible that this claim was entirely fake, but it could serve as a reminder for anyone looking to get inked: don’t upset the person you’re letting use a needle on you.