Dragon Ball FighterZ devs confirm they have another game in the popular series “coming up”

Eleni Thomas
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A new Dragon Ball FighterZ game is in the works, with series producer Tomoki Hiroki revealing that the dev team has something exciting “coming up” for the fighting series.

The Dragon Ball franchise, while maybe best known for its long-running anime series, has built a name for itself in the gaming industry. With franchises such as the Xenoverse world, Tenkaichi games, and more, all bringing in millions of players each new release.

One Dragon Ball game that goes under the radar in comparison to these other two is Dragon Ball FighterZ, a Street Fighter-inspired take on the iconic anime series.

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In a recent interview, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Producer Masayuki Hirano expressed to fans how the overall Dragon Ball games team works together on each release. As a result, they all focus on one project at a time.

“I would also like the fans to understand that we work on these games as a team. It’s not every title for itself; we are all on the Dragon Ball Games team. Everyone works together to make Dragon Ball games that fans can look forward to. Right now, we have THAT new release coming up.”

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FighterZ Producer Tomoko Hiroki then revealed that the team is currently hard at work on the rollback netcode for the game while also teasing that something new and exciting is in the works. 

In a translation from Japanese to English, Hiriko expressed, “Oh yeah, that’s right! A new release! Stay tuned for that!”

The FighterZ producer also explained that “We hold the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event every year, and 2024 will be no different. Personally, I’d love to keep holding this event for as long as possible so if you’re interested, please check out the past archives!”

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Time will tell what exactly this new FighterZ game and experience entails. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest details as they arise.

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