Dragon Age fans not impressed with new Dreadwolf “trailer”

Dragon Age DreadwolfBioware

The Dragon Age community is frustrated by the game’s teaser trailer introducing its villain, the Dreadwolf.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf is the fourth major entry in the Dragon Age series and will be the first game to appear on modern systems after Dragon Age Inquisition was released in 2014. Since then, fans have waited patiently for news on Dreadwolf.

While fans know that Dragon Age Dreadwolf is in development, little else is known about the title other than we’ll be dealing with a new villain, the titular Dreadwolf – and elf who’s controlling the world through nefarious magic.

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The Dreadwolf weaves his dark magic.

When a new teaser trailer dropped, fans finally thought they’d get to see the first glimpse of the sequel they’d been waiting nearly a decade for. However, the teaser trailer was simply a brief introduction to the new villain, giving us a small amount of backstory rather than any images or videos of gameplay.

While it was fun to learn a little bit more about the villain himself, it’s disappointing that Bioware didn’t show even a small snippet of what fans are looking forward to in Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

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Fan frustration spilled into the YouTube comments with one saying: ‘Please show us something beyond concept art and good music’, and another writing: ‘Still no release date, huh?’. Another simply said: ‘Gameplay?’.

Check out the offending trailer below:

Not all fans were frustrated though, others were supportive but also questioned when they’d get to see more by saying: ‘While this looks visually very cool, I do really hope we get to actually see something in game or a proper trailer at some point’, and ‘Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited! But man, I wish there was more.’

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Finally, some were hyped to learn more about the lore of the Dreadwolf and what this could mean for the game going forward. Happier fans said, ‘I just can’t wait to see the Dreadwolf! Feels like a lifetime waiting for this!’

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