Simple Disney Dreamlight Valley trick is the perfect fix for low storage

Disney-Dreamlight-Valley-chests-storageDisney, Nintendo

A Disney Dreamlight Valley player has addressed the frustrating storage issues fans face in early gameplay, sharing a clever solution that doesn’t cost money or crafting resources.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a slice-of-life game that mixes exploration, social elements, crafting, and farming in a unique Disney-themed world. Like other games in the genre, players will quickly amass resources found around the valley.

Unfortunately, storage can be a serious struggle for Disney Dreamlight Valley players. From twigs to herbs, everything found growing or laying about is important for crafting or quest completion.

While it’s possible to expand bag storage and build chests to keep in the house or around the valley, these options are costly and often difficult to access in early gameplay. However, a clever player has found a cost-free alternative for stashing resources.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players can get creative with storage

In a Twitter post shared by pixielavellan, the Disney Dreamlight Valley player shows off an interesting storage solution for those drowning in cooking ingredients. Instead of burning through wood and stone to make chests, the player has made use of empty floor space.

While it may not seem sanitary to leave fish, vegetables, and various pantry good laying out on the floor, the items won’t despawn after being set down. While this may be patched in later versions of the game, it is a very clever trick to get around costly bag expansions.

This Disney Dreamlight Valley trick works for most items, including seeds, building supplies, flowers, gemstones, and any other inventory-stored items. Because a house expansion is a mandatory part of an early quest, players will also find they have plenty of space in their empty home to drop their foraged finds.

Hopefully, more storage options will be added to the game in later patches, giving players additional options for organized sorting. In the meantime, corncobs and raw fish may be the best new decorations for this unique Disney adventure.