Disney Dreamlight Valley players slam event update with frustrating glitch and bug reports

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s newest update, the Pixar Fest Star Path is out, but players have reported running into tons of bugs and glitches.

For those who may not know, Disney Dreamlight Valley is the new hybrid life simulation game and adventure game in the style of others like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or The Sims.

Though still in early access, the game has already garnered positive reviews from fans of the life sim genre.

Unfortunately, the game’s most recent update seems to have introduced some frustrating bugs and glitches, which resulted in players flooding in with bug reports and complaints.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players frustrated by bugs

On September 16, 2022, the game’s official Twitter account tweeted out the game’s first event, the Pixar Fest Star Path, was finally available.

Essentially, this Star Path works like a Battle Pass like other live service multiplayer games, where players unlock rewards for completing various objectives.

However, the fans bombarded the tweet with a variety of different bugs, many of which halted player progress altogether.

Twitter user HulfflepufSarah reported that their “premium star path was taken away after the update,” and that their support ticket hasn’t been answered in days.

“This is limited time and its [sic] a real money problem I already paid for it so I would like it back, please.”

Another fan reported frequent crashing on PS4 and said, “On day 4 of not really being able to play. Crashes during missions, going into houses, things not spawning, and can’t pick up memories.”

Additionally, others have reported issues like quest items being bugged, not being able to pick up items, and much more.

Of course, the game is still in early access so some bugs are to be expected. Still, hopefully Developer Gameloft is able to sort out these bugs swiftly with future updates.