Destiny 2 Fusion Rifle “outperforms” Riptide as new meta surfaces

Kurt Perry
front half of scatter signal strand fusion rifle in destiny 2.

Destiny 2 content creator and expert Aztecross tested the new seasonal Fusion Rifle and discovered that it’s not only strong but has the potential to outperform Riptide.

Introduced in Season 17, Riptide quickly established itself as one of the best PvE weapons in Destiny 2. This was largely thanks to its Rapid Fire Frame having perfect synergy with Chill Clip.

Although Chill Clip was given a sizable nerf in Season 22, Riptide has remained the meta option for many looking to fill their Kinetic slot. It can stun Unstoppable Champions, outputs great damage, has good ammo economy, and is relatively easy to farm.

However, a new Fusion Rifle arrived alongside Season of the Wish and one of the Destiny community’s leading content creators believes it could now be the best option.

Aztecross praises Destiny 2’s “incredible” new Fusion Rifle

In a new video breaking down Destiny 2’s new leading Fusion Rifle, Aztecross hailed Scatter Signal as being a top slot weapon capable of “outperforming Riptide,” in PvE content.

The Destiny 2 expert compared the DPS of Scatter Signal with its three biggest competitors. The results speak for themselves with the new Strand Fusion Rifle winning out:

  • Scatter Signal (Controlled Burst): 52,162
  • Glacial Cannon (Controlled Burst): 49,390
  • Cartesian Coordinate (Vorpal Weapon): 48,557
  • Riptide (Chill Clip): 44, 443

Aztecross conceded that Riptide was still “king of utility,” thanks to Chill Clip but insisted Scatter Signal wasn’t useless in this regard either, “There are ways you can dip into [utility] with Scatter Signal. It’s ability to utilize Slice and you can also take advantage of the artifact mods.”

The artifact mod Torch is especially powerful as Slice triggers it letting anyone who is Radiant deal increased weapon damage to combatants. This has incredible synergy with several meta builds given how strong Solar is this season.

Speaking on the new Strand weapon, Aztecross concluded, “Riptide is still good, the Fusion is a beast. So the fact that Scatter Signal is even in the same conversation and, in some cases, it’s outperforming Riptide is a testament to how good this Fusion Rifle actually is.”

Scatter Signal is a seasonal weapon that can be earned from Season of the Wish activities. Its PvE god roll is Arrowhead Brake + Accelerated Coils/Enhanced Battery + Slice + Controlled Burst. This roll gives it both great DPS and solid utility.

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