CoD Vanguard players frustrated at lobbies disbanding after each match

Lawrence Scotti

Call of Duty players have voiced their frustration with lobbies disbanding after each match during the Vanguard beta.

The Vanguard beta is live on PlayStation, and players are getting their first taste of what CoD has to offer in 2021. PlayStation scored the rights to the first beta available for the game, which is currently running from September 10-13.

While players get accustomed to the new game, there is one feature in Vanguard that isn’t getting much love on launch.

Vanguard weapons
Vanguard is being developed by Sledgehammer Games.

Vanguard lobbies disbanding

With the beta launching, players quickly realized that lobbies were being disbanded right after each match. This is a feature that’s been brought back from the days of Cold War and Modern Warfare, and fans are not happy with this change.

100 Thieves co-owner Jack “CouRage” Dunlop tweeted about the lobby disbanding controversy saying, “I will never understand this change to Call of Duty multiplayer. The best times in MW2 were when you and your squad would match up against another squad and trash talk/play games until one squad gave up and backed out.”

Disbanding lobbies right after a game removes the ability to quickly hop back into a match with fellow players or opponents, which effectively kills the moment and excitement in-between matches. In response to CouRage’s tweet, esports commentator Javier replied in agreement saying, “there is something special about that back and forth rivalry you can build.”

For CoD player’s sake, hopefully, there can be a change implemented to keep lobbies going after a match ends.

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