Cities Skylines 2 players expose high-poly teeth as the reason for performance issues

Jeremy Gan
Cities Skyline 2 gameplay imageParadox Interactive

One of Cities Skylines 2’s performance issues has been exposed by players as due to high-poly teeth being constantly rendered.

Cities Skylines’ long-awaited second installment has finally arrived after nearly eight years since the first’s release. However, the game has come out to a wave of players pointing out the game’s poor performance at launch. 

But some sleuthing players decided to get to the bottom of what’s causing these issues, and a player found that one of the reasons the Cities Skylines 2 is performing so poorly is because of the NPC’s high-poly teeth. 

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Pointed out by user u/Hexcoder0 on the Cities Skylines subreddit, they found that the game renders individual teeth on the models of the NPC. 

Hexcoder0 went into detail as to why it’s a problem, but we will help simplify it. The problem is that the game always renders it. In-game, we aren’t always shown NPCs in detail, usually seeing the game from a birdseye view. 

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However, they found that even if they zoomed out from a close-up view of an NPC model to the birdseye view they normally play in, which makes rendering the teeth with detail redundant, it still rendered the high-poly teeth, which takes up a lot of performance. 

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The protocol in most games is to leave details that are too far from a player’s camera to notice as low poly as to not save performance, but, Cities Skylines 2 doesn’t do that. And with the amount of NPCs that can appear in a given city, it can get quite demanding. 

Cities Skylines 2 game play imageParadox Interactive
Players won’t be zooming into NPCs most of the time, making high-poly teeth rendering useless

As surmised by a commenter, “The game seems to render very high-quality character models all the time, even when you are very far away from them (including high-quality teeth, which is of course hidden), therefore making any visual clarity irrelevant, which is wasting vast amounts of performance for basically no benefit.”

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Luckily for players, Paradox Interactive has rolled out Cities Skylines 2 first patch, which addresses many of these problems relating to the LODs. 

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