Bungie admits Destiny 2 difficulty is “too low”, teases Lightfall changes

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Bungie has announced in a new blog post that they believe Destiny 2’s difficulty is too low. As such they’ve announced changes coming to both Guardians and enemies alike as Lightfall launches.

Lightfall is quickly approaching in Destiny 2, and with it, Bungie has revealed some major changes as they revamp the game. Some of these tweaks have come in the form of new tackles on seasonal content, whilst others have involved revamping older ritual playlists that have found in need of love.

Alongside this, Bungie has made plans for huge system revamps, such as the crafting system, which has been effectively streamlined to remove the hassle from players.

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However, another major change Bungie announced on February 13 was towards difficulty in the game. Bungie has admitted in the post that they believe the game’s difficulty is “too low” in its current form, stating that “we feel like the baseline challenge in most of our content is just too low”. As such, they’re making some major changes to the game, with both tweaks to guardians and their enemies coming in Lightfall.

lightfall fighting imageBungie
Bungie is looking to tune down Guardians, whilst buffing their enemies.

Bungie has revealed that they’ll be looking specifically at guardian abilities to tune and bring down, noting that they want to “moderately increase ability recharge time across a wide selection of our abilities”. This falls in line with Bungie’s ideals of making the game more weapon-focused, rather than having abilities dominate.

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They also mentioned nerfs coming towards resilience, adjusting the damage reduction received whilst also increasing the cost of resilience armor mods by 1 for both major and minor mods.

Alongside this, the enemies of the Light will be getting a bit of a tune-up. Bungie has announced that they’ll be upping the difficulty in regular activities, similar to that of the Heist Battlegrounds playlist.

According to Bungie, they use a difficulty knob that enforces just how over-leveed they let players be in comparison to the enemies they are fighting. It appears that Bungie will be tinkering with this feature to ensure that content remains difficult for those who are over-leveled for the content.

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