Best Divine Inspirations to pick early in Cult of the Lamb

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Choosing the right Divine Inspirations can make or break your run in Cult of the Lamb, especially in the early stages. So to ensure the best odds of survival and to help your camp thrive out of the gate, here are the best picks to lock in as soon as possible.

All the Devotion in the world from your loyal followers isn’t worth the hassle if you’re unsure how to invest it. With so many Divine Inspirations to pick from in Cult of the Lamb, each with their own unique effects, key choices have to be made early into the game.

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From building basic necessities to optimizing your growth as a leader, there’s plenty you need to consider when making your mind up.

So if you’re struggling and looking for guidance, we’ve got you covered. Here are the absolute must-pick Divine Inspirations to get the ball rolling in Cult of the Lamb.

Best Divine Inspirations in Cult of the Lamb

Always prioritize the middle path

As a general rule of thumb when starting out in Cult of the Lamb, be sure to prioritize the middle path of upgrades through the Divine Inspiration tree. While these particular unlocks are gated off at distinct tiers, requiring a certain amount of progress before you can claim them, they’re always worth picking first as soon as they’re available.

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Cult of the Lamb Divine InspirationsMassive Monster
The Middle Path houses many of the strongest rewards in Cult of the Lamb.

Here you can advance your overall cult level from 1-4, increasing the amount of Devotion that can be held in your central shrine. Moreover, the middle path also unlocks the Refinery, a crucial tool necessary for consecrating resources and unlocking more effective buildings.

Sleeping Bags & Shelters all around

Beyond that general rule, however, the first essential pick is to unlock Sleeping Bags. It doesn’t matter how great of a leader you are, if your followers have nowhere to sleep, they will quickly turn against you or worse, fall sick.

Therefore, it’s crucial you pick Sleeping Bags right away and build enough so that every follower has a place to nap. You’ll soon realize they’re not foolproof though, so that’s where Shelter comes in.

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Cult of the Lamb SheltersMassive Monster
Shelter is necessary to keep your followers both healthy and happy.

As soon as it can be unlocked, be sure to pick Shelter from the Divine Inspiration tree. From here, you can upgrade your existing beds to ensure they don’t collapse as often.

Farm Plot & Farming Bundle

Next on the list is the simple Farm Plot. While it may not look like much and by itself, doesn’t accomplish a great deal alone, the ability to grow your own food is one of the most important features in Cult of the Lamb.

Once unlocked, you can section off a chunk of your land to grow fruit, flowers, and the like. At first, you’ll have to do the work manually. This means planting seeds, watering the plots, adding fertilizer when possible, and eventually picking the rewards yourself. However, you can soon have loyal followers put in the effort for you.

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Cult of the Lamb farmMassive Monster
Growing your own food is the key to avoiding starvation in Cult of the Lamb.

Through the Farming Bundle pick in the Divine Inspiration tree, you can automate much of the process, allowing followers to place new crops and grow new items in your absence.

Lumberyard & Stone Mine

With the first few picks out the way, the next essential unlocks are Lumberyards and Stone Mines. As their names suggest, these two buildings help amass two of the most valuable resources in Cult of the Lamb.

By placing a cluster of these around your camp, Lumber and Stone will be flowing in at an incredible rate. Thus, it’s well worth grabbing as early as possible to help you out in the long run. The sooner you have piles of these building materials at the ready, the easier everything else becomes.

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With the essentials now locked in, here’s where you can really start snowballing things out of control. Tabernacles are extremely powerful as they allow followers to generate more Devotion beyond just your central shrine.

Cult of the Lamb tabernacleMassive Monster
Tabernacles can store far more Devotion than just your central shrine.

If you’re out of camp on a lengthy crusade, for instance, having a few Tabernacles around camp means you’ll return to far more Devotion than before. Considering every little bit helps in Cult of the Lamb, these are a great early game pick to help swing momentum in your favor.

Cheaper Rituals & Ritual Cooldowns

Last but not least, the moment you can, be sure to unlock both Cheaper Rituals and Ritual Cooldowns from the Divine Inspiration tree. These two are arguably the most important picks for any run through Cult of the Lamb.

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As you’ll be performing Rituals on a near-daily basis to keep followers happy and well-fed, it’s obviously that much sweeter being able to execute them on the cheap. Not only that, but having the potential to repeat the strongest Rituals after barely a few in-game days is a real game-changer.

Before long, you’ll be unstoppable with a camp full of followers never questioning your leadership.