How to gain Lumber & Stone fast in Cult of the Lamb: Tips to gain more building materials

Cult of the Lamb Lumber and Stone guideMassive Monster

Lumber and Stone play a crucial role in Cult of the Lamb as the two key resources required for a vast majority of buildings in the game. So to make sure you never run out, here’s how you can acquire huge amounts in no time at all.

Regardless of what your current goal is in Cult of the Lamb, there’s a good chance you’ll need Lumber, Stone, or even both at once to build towards success.

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From the shrines your followers worship at to the beds they sleep in, these two building materials are constantly in demand. Similar to gold, you never want to run dry on these critical elements.

So to help boost your resource pool and ensure you’ve always got enough Lumber and Stone on hand, here’s what you need to know.

How to gain Lumber & Stone fast in Cult of the Lamb

First things first when looking to acquire Lumber and Stone in Cult of the Lamb is to be mindful of the paths you take when out on crusades. If your goal is to find as many building materials as possible early on, be sure to pick the paths that lead to both Lumber and Stone. And as a general reminder, it’s always worth hacking and slashing through all breakable objects in every room for extra resources.

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As for a more efficient method, your best bet is to establish multiple Lumberyards and Stone Mines. While they require an investment of 24 gold coins and 12 Lumber/ eight Stone respectively, they easily pay themselves back and then some.

Cult of the Lamb divine inspiration treeMassive Monster
Stone Mines and Lumbermills can be unlocked at Tier 2 in the Divine Inspiration tree.

With followers actively working at these sites, your Lumber and Stone gains will increase dramatically. Better yet, upgraded versions stick around longer and produce even more resources, so prioritize unlocking these Divine Inspirations as early as possible.

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As an added bonus when optimizing your camp for the maximum possible gains, it’s worth building multiple Lumberyards and Stone Mines in close proximity to one another. From here, build some propaganda sirens nearby to boost the efficiency of workers in the area and thus, gain more Lumber and Stone at faster rates.

Cult of the Lamb Stone MineMassive Monster
Building multiple level 2 Stone Mines and Lumbermills will see your resources piling up in no time.

By keeping these tactics in mind as you grow your cult, building materials should no longer be a huge concern. You’ll soon find yourself with more than enough Lumber and Stone to see you through Cult of the Lamb.

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