Cult of the Lamb’s cryptic tweet has fans excited for a possible animated series

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Cult of the Lamb and its cult-like following can perhaps expect to see their favorite little sheep once more in the form of an animated series.

Few indie titles have taken the gaming community by storm quite like Cult of the Lamb has, and it isn’t difficult to see why. The game features charming yet witty dialogue, a unique take on colony management, and roguelike qualities.

Playing on different pieces of mythology while referencing other well-known fictional worlds, Cult of the Lamb delivers an unforgettable experience in an era plagued by unfinished-yet-released triple-A titles. It comes as no surprise that players would want to see the cutesy horror as an animated show.

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With opportunity to expand more on the narrative design and explore the game’s background, a series could bring even more depth to the title. It seems that fans can expet an animation at some point, as the project may be in works currently.

Cult of the Lamb animated series is being discussed

After taking to Twitter to post a mysterious animation featuring a slab of meat being cooked, the team behind Cult of the Lamb has left players curious about a possible animated series. Massive Monster, the game’s development studio, has in fact reportedly been speaking to an animation studio.

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In an episode of ABC Gamer’s video series, Games Aren’t A Real Job, the creative director of Cult of the Lamb was tasked with working on an actual farm. It was during this episode that the news of Massive Monster being in talks with an animation studio was discussed.

Julian Winton, the creative director, was intentionally vague about the matter at first. He had been asked about the game’s potential to evolve into an animated show. He responded by saying, “I actually did have a call on the car ride here, with an animation studio. So, we’re working on it.”

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Past that, Winton didn’t reveal much more about the planned series. This did not stop fans on Twitter from speculating about the vague post following the episode, as they replied asking about the GIF. One fan wrote, “The director did say in a recent video they’re in talks to make it a series, so it seems so!”

Others simply asked, “Are you creating a TV show?” in hopes of learning more. For now, it seems that Cult of the Lamb’s animation is in its planning phase. With the recent announcement of other indie games becoming animated series, such as Vampire Survivors, fans can expect to learn more soon.

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