Asmongold slams predatory currencies in gacha games: “Make it illegal”

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Asmongold streaming on TwitchAsmongold

Asmongold has called out gacha games like Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact, slamming the way they utilize predatory currency systems that don’t benefit the consumer. Here’s what he had to say. 

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold has been busy playing through Tower of Fantasy – the latest free to play gacha that aims to rival Genshin Impact. However, despite his initial impressions being positive, Asmongold has called out the current gacha game trend for its predatory currency systems. 

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These games often feature limited-time banners, which enable players to spend real money for a chance to secure the characters, cosmetics, and items they want. Throw in low drop chances and expensive in-game currencies, and you have a recipe for an extremely lucrative model. 

It’s because of this model that Asmongold believes gacha games are “anti-consumer” and should be regulated more harshly. Here’s what the Twitch star had to say about his current thoughts on the growing popularity of gacha games. 

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Asmongold on gacha games 

Tower of Fantasy banner charactersHotta Studio
Gacha games can get very expensive if you want to unlock certain characters and equipment.

“I think it should be legally required that whenever you buy something in the video game, there are no secondary currencies,” explained Asmongold. “There’s no different point systems, there’s none of this. All you do is you spend your USD to buy an item that has a 100% guarantee, so if you want to buy the gold character, it’s $30 in the shop. It’s not 15 different roles of the dice.” 

Games like Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact require players to roll on banners, which have a low percentage to reward the player with the character or item they want. Of course, the likelihood of you securing the exact thing you want can be rather low, especially if you don’t plan on spending any money. 

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After all, the more money you spend, the more in-game currency you have to roll on the specific banner. Of course, players can get lucky and find exactly what they’re looking for within a few tries, but that is not commonly the case. 

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In fact, numerous players have famously spent thousands of dollars trying to get the characters they want. It’s this huge spending spree and fear of missing out that Asmongold believes is so predatory. 

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“Get rid of the f*cking currency inflation that’s supposed to obfuscate how much money somebody’s spending in the game,” he continued. “Just get rid of all that, literally make it illegal to do it… Like, what is the upside for the consumer?

“There is literally no upside for the consumer that there are five different currencies in the game that make it harder for them to know how much money they’re spending. It’s deliberately put in the game to manipulate you.”

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