All characters in Disney Mirrorverse & how to unlock them

All characters in Disney MirrorverseKabam / Disney

Disney Mirrorverse has loads of playable characters to unlock, ranging from heroes like Simba and Violet Parr to villains like Cruella De Vil, and you’ll find details of them all right here.

Disney and Pixar have teamed up with Kabam for an exciting action-RPG mobile game called Disney Mirrorverse, which features almost 50 characters from movies like Mulan, Aladdin, Toy Story, and beyond.

With a big focus on team-based action, you’ll need to unlock as many of these guardians as you can along the way to stop the Fractured enemies. But with so many available, it can be hard to keep track of them all.

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Below, you’ll find details of every Disney Mirrorverse character and the class they belong to, as well as tips on how to unlock more guardians.


All characters in Disney Mirrorverse

All playable Disney Mirrorverse characters

Here are all of the playable characters currently available in Disney Mirrorverse:

Character Class Franchise
Aladdin Melee Aladdin
Anger Melee Inside Out
Anna Melee Frozen
Ariel Melee The Little Mermaid
Baloo Tank The Jungle Book
Baymax Tank Big Hero 6
Belle Support Beauty and the Beast
Buzz Lightyear Ranged Toy Story
Captain Hook Melee Peter Pan
Cruella De Vil Ranged 101 Dalmation
Donald Duck Tank Disney
Dory Support Finding Nemo
Elsa Ranged Frozen
EVE Ranged Wall-E
Evil Queen Support Snow White
Frank Wolff Support Jungle Cruise
Gaston Ranged Beauty and the Beast
Genie Tank Aladdin
Goofy Ranged Disney
Hades Ranged Hercules
Hercules Melee Hercules
Hiro Hamada Support Big Hero 6
Ian Lightfoot Support Onward
Jack Skellington Support The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Sparrow Support Pirates of the Caribbean
Judy Hopps Ranged Zootopia
Maleficent Ranged Sleeping Beauty
Maui Tank Moana
Merida Ranged Brave
Mickey Mouse Support Disney
Mike Wazowski Support Monsters Inc.
Minnie Mouse Melee Disney
Mr Incredible Tank The Incredibles
Mulan Melee Mulan
Oogie Boogie Tank The Nightmare Before Christmas
Rapunzel Melee Tangled
Scar Melee The Lion King
Scrooge McDuck Support Disney
Simba Tank The Lion King
Snow White Melee Snow White
Stitch Melee Lilo & Stitch
Sulley Tank Monsters Inc.
Tiana Support The Princess and the Frog
Tinkerbell Ranged Peter Pan
Tron Ranged Tron
Ursula Tank The Little Mermaid
Violet Parr Support The Incredibles
Wall-E Tank Wall-E
Woody Melee Toy Story
Zurg Ranged Toy Story

How many characters are there in Disney Mirrorverse?

There are currently 50 playable characters in Disney Mirrorverse, but Kabam has promised that there will be an extra two characters added every month, so expect more to arrive very soon.

The latest additions to the Disney Mirrorverse character lineup are Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmation), Dory (Finding Nemo), and Violet Parr (The Incredibles).

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How to unlock more characters in Disney Mirrorverse

A Crystal used to unlock new Disney Mirrorverse characters

The only way to unlock new characters in Disney Mirrorverse is to throw Crystals into the Stellar Mirror, but Crystals are quite difficult to come by and you’ll never know which character you’ll get.

Here are a few ways to earn more Crystals in Disney Mirrorverse:

  • Progress through the main Story Mode and earn Crystals for completing levels.
  • Complete specific Objectives like leveling up characters and winning encounters.
  • Check in with the Calendar every day to claim daily rewards.
  • Visit the Crystals menu and exchange Orbs you’ve earned while playing.

You can see all of your available Crystals by tapping the ‘Crystals’ button on the home screen and then choosing the ‘Featured’ section. Scroll across and look for any Crystals that say ‘open’ rather than ‘buy’.

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It’s also possible to buy bundles from the in-game store that will guarantee you a specific character, but these can be very expensive and need to be purchased with real-life money.

Not all of these characters are built the same, with some better than others. We’ve got a Disney Mirrorverse tier list with some best team recommendations to help you win.

That’s everything you need to know about Disney Mirrorverse characters! We’ll keep this page updated when new guardians are released, so check back soon.

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