Disney Mirrorverse tier list: Best team & characters to help you win

A screenshot of one of the best teams in Disney MirrorverseKabam / Disney

Knowing the best characters for your team in Disney Mirrorverse is the key to success, so we’ve put together a tier list to help you defeat the Fractured in no time at all.

Disney Mirrorverse is an action RPG mobile game from Kabam that features loads of heroes and villains from Disney and Pixar movies as they attempt to protect the Mirroverse from Fractured enemies.

With so many Guardians to choose from, it’s not easy figuring out which ones are best for your team. It goes beyond just picking your favorite character, as you’ll need to take into account their stats and abilities.

Below, you’ll find our Disney Mirrorverse best team recommendations, as well as tier lists for all four categories of Guardians: Melee, Ranged, Tank, and Support. We’ve updated this to include Wall-E and Simba.


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What’s the best team in Disney Mirrorverse?

One of the best teams you can have in Disney Mirrorverse is Ariel, Gaston, and Jack Skellington.

This team features three high-tier characters that cover pretty much all bases: Ariel for close-range melee attacks, Gaston for long-distance ranged attacks, and Jack Skellington to provide buffs and healing.

An alternative team that will also perform very well is Scar, Mr Incredible, and Mickey Mouse.

Not everyone will have access to these characters, as they can be quite difficult to obtain, but you’ll find plenty of great options with our tier lists below. Focus on the S Tier and A Tier for the best results.

Disney Mirrorverse Melee tier list

Tier Character
S Tier Ariel & Scar
A Tier Aladdin, Anna, Mulan, Snow White & Woody
B Tier Anger, Hercules, Rapunzel & Stitch
C Tier Captain Hook & Minnie Mouse

Melee characters are best for up-close-and-personal damage. Because they get so close to enemies and usually only have average health, Melee characters need help from Support healers or Tank attackers.

Our top pick of the Melee characters is Ariel, with Scar and Woody coming in closely behind.

The best melee character Ariel in Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse Ranged tier list

Tier Character
S Tier Gaston & Zurg
A Tier Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Judy Hopps, Maleficent & Tron
B Tier Goofy, Hades & Merida
C Tier Eve & Tinker Bell

Ranged characters deal huge damage from long-distance, although this comes at the expense of having low defense stats, so keep a distance between yourself and your enemies or you’ll be knocked out in no time.

Our top pick of the Ranged characters is Gaston, with Zurg and Buzz Lightyear in second and third place.

The best ranged character Gaston in Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse Tank tier list

Tier Character
S Tier Maui, Mr Incredible & Simba
A Tier Baymax, Oogie Boogie, Sulley, Ursula & Wall-E
B Tier Baloo & Donald Duck
C Tier Genie

Tanks have huge defense and health stats and exist mainly to sponge attacks while their teammates dish out damage to the Fractured enemies, so you’ll need at least one Melee or Ranged teammate on your side.

Our top pick of the Tank characters is Mr Incredible, although Simba and Maui are great alternatives.

The best tank character Mr Incredible in Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse Support tier list

Tier Character
S Tier Jack Skellington & Mickey Mouse
A Tier Evil Queen, Hiro Hamada & Tiana
B Tier Frank Wolff, Jack Sparrow & Scrooge McDuck
C Tier Belle, Ian Lightfoot & Mike Wazowski

Support characters exist primarily to provide assistance to Melee, Ranged, and Tank characters. They can offer health and attack buffs to teammates, as well as dishing out nerfs to Fractured enemies.

Our top pick of the Support characters is Jack Skellington, although Mickey Mouse is just as useful.

The best support character Jack Skellington in Disney Mirrorverse

The key to creating a good team is to have a variety of class types. You should always have a strong Melee attacker and a Support character on your team, with the final slot going to a Ranged or Tank character.

With so many characters to choose from in Disney Mirrorverse, we recommend trying out as many as you can and seeing which one works best for your play style.