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Crazy Forza Horizon 4 glitch makes players drive through the ground

Published: 9/Nov/2020 12:55

by Kieran Bicknell


Forza Horizon 4 thrives on its open-world map, with plenty of areas for players to explore. Unfortunately, not all exploration is deliberate, as a number of Redditors have discovered thanks to an unusual bug in the game.

Players of Playground Games’ popular open-world racer Forza Horizon 4 are always looking for new areas to explore. With the map being a miniaturized version of England with a number of iconic landmarks replicated in-game, there are numerous hidden areas and discoveries to be made.

Not all discoveries are intentional, however. A number of players have been posting to Reddit’s r/Forza and r/ForzaHorizon pages, sharing a reoccurring glitch that forces players underground.


Forza Horizon Underground glitch
Reddit: u/livkinson
The glitch appears to force players underground after they collide with trees or other objects while upside down.

Forza Horizon underground map glitch

While most glitches and bugs shared to Reddit are one-time events, with so many players reporting the same issue, it seems this is a regular bug encountered on Horizon 4.

In every instance we’ve seen, the unusual event occurs after landing a jump, rolling over and/or hitting a ‘solid’ object within the game.

In the video below, for example, posted by jmesser794, the player is forced underground by the glitch. Having successfully navigated the rough terrain, the vehicle then hits a bump and rolls over.

Initially, it appears there is nothing unusual about this. After all, it is very easy to roll cars in Forza Horizon — but what happens next is very strange indeed.


Listening to classical radio really set the mood when going under the map from r/ForzaHorizon

With the car still on its roof, it rolls into a tree, stops completely, and then disappears below the map. Entering the seemingly endless void, the player is able to look up and see the ‘world’ disappearing above them.

While this particular video has extra hilarity points thanks to the classical music accompaniment, this Redditor is far from the only one to report this particular glitch.

A number of other players have reported similar issues, and it appears to be happening regardless of the season. However, it seems that crashing into a solid object while upside down is the main trigger for the glitch.


It remains to be seen whether Playground Games will issue a fix for this in the upcoming Series 29 update. Until then, why not give it a go yourself and see if you can replicate the results above.