Where to find literature samples in Fortnite Season 6: Retail Row, Pleasant Park & Lazy Lake

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Fortnite’s week 2 challenges/quests for Season 6 have hit the game a couple days earlier than originally expected and one of them requires you to find literature samples in locations across the map. Here’s where you can find them.

Fortnite’s Season 6’s challenges have had a bit of an interesting start. Not only were the first four weeks of quests were originally leaked when the season first launched but Week 2’s challenges went live in-game early on March 23, 2021 (with a notable exception being it’s Legendary quests, which will go live on the normal Thursday release schedule).

Because of this, players can hop in and rack up tons of XP just for completing simple challenges. While most of them are pretty simple, tasking players with riding ziplines, dealing damage with weapons, one challenge requires players to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt.

Literature Samples at Lazy Lake, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row

Finding each literature sample is a bit easy. Currently, there’s five literature samples that players know about on the map but you only need four to complete the challenge. This means that you’ll have to either be quick getting the challenge done or you’ll want to separate it into a couple different matches.

Still, none of the samples are really hidden and can be found within a couple seconds of looking:

Pleasant Park #1

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The first piece of literature can be found over in Pleasant Park.

The first piece of literature can be found in Pleasant Park, near the west side of the POI in the white brick house. After going through the front door, turn to the living room on the left. The sample should be glowing blue on the bookcase.

Pleasant Park #2

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Another piece of literature can be found next to Jonesy the First in Pleasant Park.

The second piece of literature in Pleasant Park can be found in the same house that Jonesy The First is, near the northwest corner of the POI. Once you get into the house find the room with the NPC and the bookshelf next to him should contain the next sample.

Lazy Lake #1

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Another sample can be found in the underground garage at Lazy Lake.

Another two samples can be found over at Lazy Lake. The first can be found in the building with the NPC near the south side of the POI with the underground garage. Go into the garage and then find the staircase within it. The sample should be found next to the stairs.

Lazy Lake #2

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Lazy Lake holds a second piece of literature inside the gas station.

The last sample in Lazy Lake can be found over at the gas station near the west side of the POI. Go inside and it can be found on the first floor, next to the front entrance.

Retail Row

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The final piece of literature can be found in Retail Row but there may be more.

Currently, one sample is known within Retail Row. To find it, head to the bookstore near the east side of the map next to the water tower. Head into the store and the sample can be found on the first floor.

It’s worth noting that there may be another sample within Retail Row, as every other POI (Lazy Lake and Pleasant Park) have two samples found within them each, but right now, no one can seem to find another one if it exists.

Regardless, as previously mentioned, you only need four to complete the challenge and doing so will reward you with a whopping 22,000 XP, which will certainly help you level up your battle pass.

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