Fortnite cheat sheet map with locations for all Fortnite Cameo vs Chic challenges

by Matt Porter


Fortnite's latest set of Overtime challenges are now live in-game thanks to the Cameo vs Chic Mission, and players who are struggling to make their way through the tasks can use this handy cheat sheet to make things much easier.

The fourth set of Overtime challenges officially went live on Thursday, January 30, introducing 10 new challenges to players who have reached Level 80 in the Chapter 2, Season 1 Battle Pass, with a special Cameo vs Chic skin style on offer to those who can complete nine.

Also up for grabs is over 500,000 XP points, perfect for those trying to grind their way to the end of the Battle Pass to unlock the final Tier 100 skin before Season 2 kicks off on February 20.

Epic Games
Some awesome cosmetic items are up for grabs.


With so many great rewards on offer to those who complete them, it makes sense that many try to knock off all 10 and gain the maximum they can from every Mission. But, with challenges getting harder and harder, doing so can prove to be tricky and time-consuming, not ideal for those also searching for those elusive Victory Royales.

Thankfully, TheSquattingDog is back with a detailed map showing the best ways to complete each challenge, complete with locations you need to go to if you want to finish each challenge, along with a full look at all 10 challenges.

Players will have become accustomed to traveling around the map for these Overtime challenges, and Cameo vs Chic is no different. Tasks include scaling mountains to dance on their summits, finding hidden gnomes, visiting outdoor cinemas and lonely recliners, and even destroying telescopes which are littered across the island.

You can take a look at the full cheat sheet below.

Twitter: thesquatingdog
Full cheat sheet map for the Cameo vs Chic Overtime challenges.


The good news is that players still have plenty of time to complete this Mission, as Epic Games have confirmed that Chapter 2, Season 1 will be extended for another three weeks.

It was widely expected that the season would come to a conclusion in the first week of February, but the developers have since confirmed that February 20 will be the kick-off of Chapter 2, Season 2, with more Overtime Missions expected between now and then to keep players coming back to the game.