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TSM’s Daequan Vents Frustration at Fortnite Players Who Celebrate Fall Damage Kills

Published: 20/Jun/2018 16:44 Updated: 7/Oct/2018 10:35

by Mike Kent


Playing Fortnite can be a stressful experience at the best of times, but when you’re a streamer, the pressure and expectation of your audience can make even the little things more frustrating.

Team Solomid was one of the first major esports organizations to take interest in the Epic Games title, putting together a squad headed up by the world famous, Myth.

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Daequan was one of the people that eventually joined the team in February 2018, and moved out to Los Angeles to play alongside the TSM squad.

Known for being quite a character when he streams to his loyal audience, Daequan doesn’t hold back when he has an opinion on a subject.


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During a stream on June 19th the TSM pro found himself being killed after one of his opponents shot out the building work below him.

The player in question proceeded to mock him by doing the Orange Justice dance, and this appeared to annoy the streamer.

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“Yo, this is what I’m talking about. Ya’ll just witnessed it. You die from fall damage or no mats, literally every time then they wanna be like “I’m the best player in the game”

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Daequan’s teammate, Myth, is sure to share his sentiments after gaining a reputation for falling to his death during high-pressure tournament situations.

The young player was interviewed ahead of the E3 Pro-Am tournament, and said that the only thing he didn’t want was to die via fall damage after that happened in Las Vegas at the Ninja event. Of course that ended up happening.