Top 20 highest earning Fortnite pro players - Updated October 8, 2019

by Calum Patterson


Fortnite Battle Royale might be a newcomer to the world of esports, but that hasn't stopped Epic Games from offering some absolutely massive prize pools for the game's competitive events. Let's take a look at the top 20 highest earning pro players to-date. 

Although Epic Games have been criticized for various aspects of their esports ventures with Fortnite, one thing they cannot be denied is their exorbitant prize pools.

While millions had already been awarded prior to the Fortnite World Cup, the enormous $30 million prize on offer there has resulted in a major shake-up in the standings, with former highest earner Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller dropping to 16th over a single weekend - and dropping further in the weeks that have followed. 

Epic Games
Epic Games
Bugha was launched to the top of the list with his victory in the World Cup Solos tournament.

Where previously Bizzle led the pack with $518,250 for quite some time, there are now 10 players who have earned over $1 million, meaning Fortnite now boasts more millionaires by prize money than any other game except Dota 2, which remains in a class unto itself when it comes to prizes thanks to The International.

Now sitting atop the list is, of course, 16-year-old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, who took home the $3 million prize for first place in the Solos tournament. Despite having only earned $25,900 in total from other events prior to the World Cup, Bugha now sits well over a million ahead of any other player in the battle royale title.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Cooler Esport's Aquav2 and Nhyrox claimed the World Cup Duos title.

Meanwhile, Solos runner-up Harrison ‘psalm’ Chang was also rocketed into second-place on the earnings list by virtue of that result, with the $1.8 million prize for finishing second putting him a sizeable margin ahead of even Duos winners Aquav2 and Nyhrox.

Players have had the chance to work on their World Cup finishes with the Fortnite Championship Series - the next extension of the game's competitive scene. While it hasn't offered the eye-watering prize pool of the World Cup, it is still an opportunity for players to improve and earn a little extra cash while doing. 

Thanks to the tracking of esportsEarnings, we can see which players have pocketed the most cash from their performances at tournaments, so far, as we look ahead to whatever Epic Games have in store for its next competitive event. 

Fortnite's top 20 highest earners - Updated October 8, 2019

Position Name Nationality Earnings
1st Bugha USA $3,062,966
2nd psalm USA $1,868,800
3rd Aquav2 Austria $1,790,207
4th Nyhrox Norway $1,513,176
5th EpikWhale USA $1,297,366
6th Rojo  Netherlands $1,203,873
7th Kreo Hong Kong  $1,174,550
8th Wolfiez UK $1,140,026
9th Ceice USA $1,098,550
10th Zayt Canada $1,090,225
11th Saf USA $1,042,950
12th kinG Argentina $1,006,150
13th Elevate Canada $984,750
14th Skite France $808,338
15th Mitr0 Netherlands $696,599
16th Crue Sweden $679,100
17th Tfue USA $581,900
18th Bizzle USA $578,125
19th Mongraal United Kingdom $567,454
20th Arkhram USA $534,400

Earnings from Fortnite Creative tournaments are not counted towards players totals. Here's the top 20 creative players.

Noticeably, the amounts in this list are much lower than the general pro players who featured in the previous list, as there are less competitive tournaments taking place in the creative mode. 

Fortnite's top 20 highest creative earners - Updated October 8, 2019

Position Name Nationality Earnings
1st Suezhoo BEL $341,250
2nd hiimtylerh CAN $341,250
3rd Zand DEN $341,250
4th Cizzorz USA $336,250
5th Kouto FRA $91,250
6th Draceus SWE $91,250
7th Huizhi TUR $91,250
8th Tomoya JAP $86,250
9th art1er GER $83,750
10th ChapsTV USA $83,750
11th MagMa AUS $83,750
12th Gotaga FRA $78,750
13th Kaz USA $78,750
14th Taco USA $78,750
15th Taldak723 USA $78,750
16th Ninja USA $73,750
17th bentz0r USA $72,500
18th RyanFranta USA $72,500
19th MrKeroro10 SPA $72,500
20th Rubius SPA $67,500

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