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Overwatch • Feb 08, 2019

Top 20 highest earning Overwatch pros heading into OWL Season 2 - Updated February 8 2019


The emergence of the Overwatch League in 2018 saw the game become one of the most popular esports in the world, and top players from around the world have already gotten their hands on some huge amounts of prize money. 


The Overwatch League in its current format sees every team competing for the same prize, with very few tournaments taking place outside of the scope of Blizzard's franchised tournament.

So far in Overwatch’s young history, the talent that have emerged as the highest earners is overwhelmingly South Korean with only three players born outside of the Asian peninsula making it into the Top 20.


Since the league has only one season under its belt, prize pools from Overwatch competitions aside from the main OWL tournament still make up a sizeable portion of some of the Top 20’s total earnings. With the second season of the Overwatch League on the horizon, this is a trend that will likely change as teams compete mainly in official Blizzard tournaments. 

The highest earners in Overwatch competitions both come from the London Spitfire and long-time teammates Hong ‘Gesture’ Jae Hee and Joon-yeong 'Profit' Park who have each gathered $194,730.97 in total earnings from all competitions. 

Overwatch League
The Grand Final of the OWL's premier season brought thrills, legions of fans, and a hefty prize pool to play for, all in its first year.


While Gesture and Profit may sit at the top of the standings right now, that could all change during the 2019 Overwatch League Season, which will see a massive $3,500,000 prize pool throught the regular and post season.

There is an incredible amount of prize money on the line in Season 2, with the team who wins Playoffs taking home $1,100,000 for their victory, which will surely alter the standings of this Top 20 list. The Overwatch League's second season is set to kick off on Thursday, February 14, and you can make sure you don't miss any of the action using our Overwatch League viewing guide.

This list only includes prize money than players have won while competing in Overwatch, and does not include any earnings from other titles, or their salary from their respective organizations. 

The full top 20 list, according to on February 8 2019 can be found below. This article will be updated after the conclusion of each major Overwatch competition.

Top 20 Highest Earning Overwatch Pro Players - Updated February 8 2019

1stGestureSouth Korea$194,730.97
2ndProfitSouth Korea$194,730.97
3rdCloserSouth Korea$194,526.19
4thbirdringSouth Korea$175,453.84
5thBdosinSouth Korea$168,261.08
6thFurySouth Korea$164,673.16
7thNUSSouth Korea$163,479.09
8thSaebyeolbeSouth Korea$91,436.18
9thMek0South Korea$88,436.18
10th janusSouth Korea$86,293.32
11thManoSouth Korea $82,581.21
12th LiberoSouth Korea$82,471.12
14th JJoNakSouth Korea$78,386.90
15thArKSouth Korea$77,952.15
16thpineSouth Korea$76,901.16
17th ANAMOSouth Korea$74,807.61
18th fragiFinland$64,699.78
19th ShaDowBurnRussia$62,882.41
20thRyujehongSouth Korea$59,365.05