The Fortnite Community React to Major Shotgun Update – Ninja, NoahJ456, WILDCAT and More

The Fortnite community is mixed in their response to the major overhaul of shotgun damage, as some speculate Epic Games is attempting to alter the game with a focus on esports.

On June 6th Epic Games released an additional changes as part of the v4.3 content update, most significantly tweaking shotgun damage to make them slightly less powerful.

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Fortnite is a very casual game at its core, relying on random generated loot and weapon drops, with players never guaranteed to enter a gunfight with all the same advantages as their opponent, depending largely on luck.

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But there is, of course, skill involved also, with the ability to be accurate and build efficiently key to becoming a top player.

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If anything, shotguns have been criticized for lowering this skill gap, as there is less emphasis placed on accuracy and more on getting up close and personal while hoping shell spread will be on your side.

So the nerf to damage is likely a move to lessen the reliance some players may have on shotguns and create a more balanced and ‘competitive’ experience – but not everyone is a fan of the decision.

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Top Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was surprised by the other change, which increased trap damage to 150, and seemed optimistic about the shotgun change.

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Others were on the fence however, worried that the changes could lead to perhaps more inconsistent gunfights with shotguns.

While some were concerned about the update, many are reserving their judgement until after they have spent some time with the changes.

Here’s what some of the top Fortnite streamers and YouTubers had to say about the recent shotgun damage nerf.

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