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Tfue explains why Fortnite needs to nerf SMGs and Assault Rifles

Published: 17/Apr/2020 11:34

by Joe Craven


Twitch streamer and Fortnite veteran Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has explained why he believes submachine guns and assault rifles are far too strong in the current build of Fortnite Chapter Two.

Despite being one of the title’s most popular content creators, Tfue has never been one to shy away from criticizing Epic Games’ building battle royale. The strength of his opinions has even caused some arguments with fellow streamers, like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

For a host of reasons, a number of Fortnite community members have recently argued that Fortnite is dying. While Tenney does not go that far, he has highlighted another aspect of the game he wants to see adjusted.


fortnite chapter 2
Epic Games
Fortnite Chapter Two has received mixed feedback from Tfue.

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During an April 16 live stream, the 22-year-old explained why he wants to see adjustments to SMGs and ARs, particularly at close range.

“SMGs should not be able to sh*t on somebody with a shotgun in a close-range battle,” he said. “That’s not how f**king games work. I’ve never played a BR [battle royale], where an SMG or AR can sh*t on a f**king shotgun.”

In a game like Fortnite, where headshots deal double damage and cause flinch to enemies, some players, including Tfue, argue that they can be too strong. Shotguns, designed specifically for close-range engagements, have seen back-and-forth nerfs over Fortnite’s history as part of the infamous ‘one-pump’ debate.


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“Dude it’s so dumb,” he continued. “They need to f**king nerf ARs and SMGs, and they need to vault mythic guns in competitive.”

Away from his comments on ARs and SMGs, it is not the first time Tfue has called for mythic items to be vaulted in competitive. Mythic weapons include Midas’ drum gun and Brutus’ minigun, but some players have argued that they are far too strong and add an element of inconsistency that does not belong in competitive Fortnite.

Whether Epic Games listen to Tfue and deliver on his wishes remains to be seen, but the response from Tfue’s audience shows there are a number of Fortnite players who agree with the Twitch star.