Tfue explains why the current state of Fortnite is “boring”

Twitch streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was reeling at the state of Fortnite, calling the popular battle royal “boring” due to common tactics the game allows players to take.

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Fortnite has introduced a myriad of weapons and changes leading up to Share the Love event, but the game just isn’t playing as well as Tfue remembers, leading him to call out the game’s direction.

The FaZe Clan pro was struggling to string together good performances in part due to other player’s tendencies of constantly running from engagements.

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In Fortnite a battle not only takes ammo and guns to win, but various resources such as items, traps, or precious materials to build are needed as well.

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Tfue isn’t one to shy away from a skirmish, leading him to use up his inventory in order to nab a kill. Problem is there are too many players who would rather avoid the fights than play them out.

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This not only leaves Tfue starved for resources, but it also makes him vulnerable to a third-party combatant. Further, the gameplay just isn’t interesting.

Tfue has been seeing an increasing number of players who would rather hold up in a 1×1 build rather than take a battle head on.

(Timestamp at 1:48 for mobile viewers)

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“I don’t know, people just get fucking scared and they sit in a box,” Tfue said. “… Everyone just wants to hide. It’s the same shit.”

The player’s frustration comes amid a flurry of Fortnite streamers flocking toward new battle royale Apex Legends, and Tfue thinks it’s because of the growing stream sniper problems in Epic Game’s battle royale.

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Fortnite might have to look at shaking up the game if more streamers are taking their streams elsewhere and major frustrations like this persist.